As we look forward to 2023, we must remember where we are coming from. At Startupbiz, we follow business news throughout the year. We do our best to provide insight, explanation and reaction to the stories that rock the business world in a Zimbabwean context. Let’s look at the stories that shaped 2022 in business news in the form of a timeline.


03 Finsec talked up private markets

05  ZimGold unveiled a waste management initiative

07 ZERA stopped blending

25 Digital products became taxable

27 Inflation started the year with a marginal decline


10 Civil servants received a 20% salary bump plus benefits

14 The weekly US$50 purchases for the public were revised

18 ZOL announced a 10% tax on all internet packages following the digital products tax

22 ZINARA updated vehicle license and toll gate fees

22 The February monetary policy statement was released

25 Econet opened the first ever 5g base station in Zimbabwe

25 Inflation confirmed its upward creeping trend


02 ZINARA was embroiled in scandal

04 We took a look at the evolution of Sasai

10 Zimbabweans received a 3rd fuel price increase for the year

12 ZERA tried to encourage demand management

28 Inflation picked up its pace


04 Parallel market rates shot to 300

05 RBZ swiftly moved to take action

07 The ZWL$100 note was announced

08 Econet introduced smart USD bundles

11 Banks were given freedom to trade forex and the quickly devalued the Zimbabwean dollar

11 Ecocash joined the local USD remittance game

21 Zimbabweans were given a reprieve to pay 50% of vehicle duty in Zimbabwean dollars

21 RBZ suspended Innbucks, Metbank and Rolink

26 One of many fuel price increases during the year

27 Inflation firmed its upward trend


02 The parallel market rate did not respond to RBZ action and continued to march

06 ZUVA rolled out EV charging stations

09 Measures to restore the economy were announced from the highest office in the land including a bank lending ban

09 Another fuel price review

09 Public transport received a shake up

10 The ZNCC was among those who questioned the Presidential measures for the economy

17 Import tariffs and GMB payment terms were reviewed

18 The bank lending ban was reversed 9 days later

18 The ethanol blending ratio was doubled

19 Lloyd’s Capital launched a regulated crowdfunding platform

20 Another fuel price increase

20 As ZETDC also reveiwed tariffs

21 Further afield the crypto winter took hold

23 Fenty Beauty launched in Zimbabwe to much discussion

23 Toll fees were also reviewed

25 Zimpapers launched ZTN prime on DSTv

26 Vehicle importing was further complicated for Zimbabweans

26 A cost of living update

30 Inflation ticked over 100%


08 The parallel market rate doubled from the year start level

08 As fuel prices rose again

10 Zimbabwe was named among top global wedding destinations

13 We looked at some key insights from Sivio Institute’s financial Inclusion Survey

15 The parallel market rate showed no signs of slowing down

16 Cooking Oil industry cried for help amid shortages

17 RBZ announced crowdfunding licences

20 Zinara reviewed toll fees again

28 More measures were announced to slow inflation and exchange rate

29 Fuel prices reached unbearable levels

29 Civil service salaries were reviewed


04 Parallel market rate responded to measures by surging further

05 The first batch of Gold coins were announced

11 We pondered whether a currency board was the answer for Zimbabwe

13 ZESA was given the greelight to charge in forex, sort of

14 As dollarisation took root in the economy

15 Numbeo Cost of living index rated Harare as 3rd most expensive city in Africa

18 Another fuel price review

18 Pension defaulting employers were named

18 Bothe Econet and NetOne reviewed tariffs

20 As details of gold coins emerged the questions mounted

25 The ambitious Zim Cyber City project was launched

26 Delta Corporation picked up company of the year at the top companies survey

28 preliminary census results were released

29 The 2022 budget was doubled to meet expenses


01 Inflation peaked at 256%

02 A fuel price review that left motorists no better

02 NetOne reviewed prices

05 Fuel and toll gate fees were reviewed again

12 RBZ promised smaller gold and CBDC white paper

16 Innbucks came back after 4 months off

18 Zimbabweans breathed a sigh of relief as the face mask mandate was eased after 18 months

23 The parallel market rate finally responded to measures

26 Year on year inflation started to show signs of slowing down

30 Zimbabweans adapted to conditions as Runner shops took Harare by storm


02 Fuel, toll gates and ZUPCO all got price reviews

09 NetOne hiked tariffs again

15 Econet launched a pension fund for informal sector workers

15 A civil servants salary review was met by price hikes

27 Inflation started to slow down

30 ZESA joined the price hike party

30 The auction stirred more controversy as firms failed to account for allocations


06 ZESA was forced to speak on electricity shortages

17 University tuition joined ZERA and ZINARA in the price hike parade

18 HIT confirmed working on the Zim CBDC

24 South of the Limpopo Cryptocurrency was brought into the fold

24 Zimbabwe’s telemedicine received a timely review

27 Inflation slowed down further


07 PORTRAZ licensed the first Zimbabwean MVNO Dolphin

08 There were quite a few developments in NFTs

10 Smaller gold coins were announced

11 Government contractors were blacklisted for parallel market activity

21 The FIFA World Cup took the world by storm

22 VFEX released the CFD (forex trading) rules

25 The president delivered a State of the Nation address

25 Join City pondered 24 hour operations

28 The 2023 National Budget was announced

29 Inflation slowed down further


05 Zimbabwe electricty woes deepened

09 The RBZ collateral registry was unveiled

09 We took a look at the National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2

12 WhatsApp Business introduced ordering via WhatsApp

Another rollercoaster year in Zimbabwe. For those who like to keep count, there were 12 fuel price increases, one fuel price reduction, 6 telecommunications increases, 3 electricity price increases and 6 related to roads and toll gates. From the team at Startupbiz, we wish you happy holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.