For the past couple of years, Zimbabwe has been known to feature at the bottom of most lists. In 2020, for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Business to Customer (B2C) Ecommerce Index, Zimbabwe scored zero (0) on Universal Postal Union (UPU) reliability. Recently Zimbabwe was ranked 3rd from the bottom in a World Happiness Report – position 144 out of 146 countries. This is typical so when Zimbabwe ranks high in some positive regard it is noteworthy. Who would have thought Zimbabwe would be named the number one (1) global trending wedding destination for 2022.

A Recent Study Done By Money

Money is a UK-based price comparison site that was started in 2008. It does several financial price comparisons, amongst other things. They have a team of data experts that ascertain the authenticity and validity of the data used. The site also features expert-written guides that can be understood even by a layman. Recently they published a list of top trending wedding destinations for 2022. Insights from the survey are as follows:

Zimbabwe is in 1st position. In the top 5, there are 3 African countries – Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Kenya (in that order). Italy is tied at 2nd place with South Africa. In 4th place in Portugal, and 5th place was Thailand. This means only 2 European countries made it to the top 5. How did Zimbabwe make it to the top spot, you may wonder? Here is why:

Zimbabwe has experienced a 56 percent increase in year-on-year (YoY) spike in searches. If we are, to be honest, Zimbabwe does have a wide range of world-class options for wedding ceremonies. This stems from the countless resort destinations across Zimbabwe from Victoria Falls, and Kariba, to safaris, and the like. One of the premier wedding destinations of choice in Zimbabwe is Chengeta Safari Lodge. Houseboats in Kariba are also another perfect choice.

South Africa and Italy stood in 2nd place because they have experienced a 40 percent increase in year-on-year (YoY) spike in searches. Portugal stood at 39 percent, Kenya at 27 percent, and Thailand at 23 percent.

What This Means For Zimbabwe

This information is valuable to the Zimbabwean tourism industry. Resort spots must start tailoring their facilities and services to target wedding ceremonies. I believe it is wise to come up with wedding packages. They must also beef up their social media presence. I know that active online presence is still an issue for most enterprises in Zimbabwe. This is something that must be addressed especially in the hospitality and tourism industry.

We need to have firm and comprehensive digital footprints so that we are noticed. I even wonder if during all those searches people found what they were looking it. It is high time potential spots for wedding ceremonies start branding themselves in that direction. Surely there is a reason why in the whole world, Zimbabwe is the most trending wedding destination.

I will forever reiterate that resort spots need to leverage social media and the internet. Recently I was looking for details for a safari camp near Hwange National Park. I struggled to find their details online. I only ended up finding the landline contact which was never picked up every time I called. I could not find any mobile contact. I only got to stumble across an email from the manager from some post from ages ago. That is only when I was able to make contact but you know how emails can be slow for enquiries purposes. The bottom line is any resort spot needs to be active online, especially if we are to reap benefits from our being the most trending wedding destination for 2022.