The Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZim), Business weekly and Capital Markets Indaba will kick off their inaugural Capital Markets High Schools Quiz today. It will be part of the Capital Markets Awards, which recognise participants and advocates of capital markets in Zimbabwe. Last year’s awards were a big talking point; this year, the goal is to make the awards even bigger and more meaningful.

“Catch them young” is a saying you will hear in various spheres in Zimbabwe. That is exactly what the Capital Markets High Schools Quiz hopes to achieve. After reading Albert Nangara and Alfonce Maketo’s take on the investment approach in Zimbabwe, it’s fair to say many are not aware of the point of capital markets early on in life and catch on a little too late. The quiz will foster a generation that is aware of the impact of capital markets from a young age. As someone who has gone through financial education from high school, both formally and informally, I can attest to the fact that learning outside of normal channels creates people who understand things better. The quiz will run from the 16th of September to the 4th of November.

Who is eligible?

All secondary and high schools, whether private or public, are welcome. Team members must be between fourth and upper-sixth form. The team must have at least one adult supervisor. A team constitutes 4 members with 1 or 2 alternates. The entry is limited to one team per school.  20 schools have been registered for the first round of the competition. These 20 schools will be split into 4 groups of five.

Good activity in capital markets

We’ve seen a lot of activity happening around capital markets with new innovative ways of doing things. Startupbiz WhatsApp group competitions, Ctrade fantasy and now the Capital Markets High Schools quiz. Such ideas apply gamification to learning in a way that is interesting to individuals. Over time, if such momentum can be maintained, we will have the conversation around capital markets increasing. More conversation is good because it brings the capital markets into the vocabulary of many.

We look forward to the competition and covering the finals. You can look up the competition on the SECZim website for more information.