The vehicle domain is full of multiple business focuses on choosing from. The most obvious one is starting a car sales business; go to most central business districts and they are all over. I remember there was once a time when a directive was given for some of them to relocate. This was because they were now being set up almost anywhere, just beside or along busy roads. Some car sales businesses import their cars whilst others source locally. The major niche is second-hand vehicles. Besides that, there are several other vehicle-related businesses you can start.

Car Wash Business

Cars need to be regularly cleaned – starting from just simple washing. This line of business will never go out of style; it is always relevant. Not many car washes provide professional, top-notch services. There is also room to distinguish yourself by being flexible with your pricing. I have also noticed that very few car washes use mechanized approaches. I am yet to see people providing mobile car wash services as well. There is so much still to be explored in this space.

Licensing And Insurance Services

Licensing and insurance are inevitable when it comes to vehicle ownership. The processes entailed can be demanding, which presents a need. You can start a business where you process what is needed for your clients. It is just like company registration. Anyone can do that but people prefer to pay someone to do it for them. The same applies to licensing and insurance; you can make money by processing vehicle owners’ paperwork.

Food Truck Business

I once hinted at this in an article on starting a mobile bar business. A food truck business is something that is not yet widespread in Zimbabwe. Yet it wields vast prospects, which I think people should take seriously. Almost anything that can be served from a restaurant, bar and the like can be served from a food truck. You can, at the very least, opt for a food trailer. A food truck business has the potential to lure customers due to its uniqueness. Plus, you have the flexibility to move around and explore.

Car Repairs, Detailing And Maintenance

Car repairs are obvious and a common need. This includes any possible part of the car that might need repair. Simply focusing on tyres alone can be so lucrative that there are limitless options. Then there is the detailing and maintenance aspect which can come in various forms. For example, you can provide services for customizing car interiors to clients’ needs.

All these niches can be coupled with the retail of related parts, accessories, and products. Another interesting focus can be the spraying and branding of vehicles. These services can be for personal private vehicles, branding, or marketing purposes. Another line of business here can be vehicle locksmith services – it is amazing how lucrative this can be. Other areas can be battery services or auto-body services.

Driving School

Over the past few years, the number of driving schools in Zimbabwe has shot up. This is due to a number of factors which are still at play. There are more and more people buying or looking to buy vehicles. This is due to the proliferation of second-hand vehicles and the use of the US dollar. More and more well-paying jobs now require someone to have a driver’s license. This has all created a huge demand for acquiring driving licenses. Despite there being numerous driving schools now operating, there still is room for more. Most peri-urban areas are not covered – that is a potential market gap.

Car Rental And Hiring

What you need will depend on the type of vehicles you want to provide. The ideal scenario would be to have vehicles across the board, i.e. from light motor vehicles to buses and even haulage trucks. You can always start small and strategically scale over time. You can source brand-new or pre-loved vehicles. Alternatively, you can consider a brokerage approach. This is where you secure clients and connect them to those willing to rent or hire out their vehicles. The market is highly segmented, but it is there – you will have to do market research. Probably you might open up new markets where people typically would never rent cars. Competition is stiff, so you need to differentiate yourself.

Trucking Company

You can start a trucking company and the possibilities are endless. You can choose to focus on carrying cargo across borders or locally. You can also focus on the packing and moving business. There are always people looking to relocate and would need such services. You can even settle for trucks used in construction or mining, which you can hire out. You can use the brokerage model where you do not necessarily own the trucks.

Tow Truck Services

Firstly, you can specialize in accident-related towing, where you get vehicles that would have been involved in accidents. Secondly, you can focus on roadside assistance for a number of incidentals. Thirdly, you can provide services for carrying abnormal or oversized loads. The fourth one can be the transportation of vehicles over long distances. So these are the 4 basic approaches you can settle for though, of course, there are several more variations of the same.

Courier Services

Ecommerce has been steadily gaining traction in Zimbabwe, which is a good thing. The area that is still lacking is courier services; we need more players in that space. Many Zimbabwean businesses or startups now offer delivery services to clients. You can start a business where you can serve such enterprises. Most courier service providers are not that efficient or reliable. That is a gap that can cover in order to become a preferable brand. Delivery vehicles start from as basic as bicycles and motorcycles.

This should provide you with enough options to muse on. All of these options are viable and markets are inexhaustible for all of them. Do your market research and find your entry point.