When economic conditions are tough, it is easy to forget that there are still those who are rich, who still want to enjoy their disposable income. Some of these people desire the finer things in life. But most businesses tend to exercise austerity, just surviving on providing the bare minimum, thereby ignoring the rich. The assumption that when times are tough no one can afford the expensive holidays, drinks and services is wrong. In this article, we touch on business ideas that target those who are rich in our society.


Resources permitting, people want to have their body pampered after a hard day’s work. This is what the spa is for. Relaxation. The world over, including neighbouring South Africa, spa businesses are thriving. Although the chemicals, lotions and oils required can be pricy, this is what makes the business lucrative. Properly trained spa attendants are scarce in Zimbabwe. This means you need to invest a lot in specialised training for your attendants if you are to venture into this business. If you already own a hotel or lodge, a spa can be an exciting add-on because the people who are already booked at your lodge become your first target market.  Of those who serve this niche market in Zimbabwe there are international award winners. So it’s definitely something that can be done well in Zimbabwe.

Personal shopping

Personal shopping has not yet gained traction in Zimbabwe. A simple google search for personal shoppers in the country gives you one or two results. However, the truth is that we have so many rich people who do not have enough time in their day to hop from one shop to another looking for their favourite products. Worst still, most products are in short supply nowadays. They would rather pay someone to do that for them. Although this business does not require substantial initial capital, you need to invest more in yourself. How you present yourself will determine the kind of customers you will attract. A lot of personal branding and grooming is a must. High levels of integrity, dressing well, paying great attention to detail and being health conscious will gain you the market share.

Resorts, hotels and lodges

Zimbabwe does not have many fancy hotels. Rich people want to go away to a high-end place for their weekend getaways or business meetings. Your normal three-star hotels and lodges will not suffice. This is the reason why many prefer to fly out to beachside resorts in other countries. We are talking of well manicured environments. This business needs substantial amounts of initial capital. Your rooms should have top notch finishes. The restaurant should serve only the best, high quality food. Service levels should also be of the highest standard, no room for silly mistakes and moody staff. Those who are lucky to be located close to places of interest like game parks should tailor make their products to provide seamless access to these. Game drives, lunch in the wild and all. If you put in enough effort, you will attract the rich and famous.

Private planes

It may look too farfetched but many rich people want to do their business on time every time. The local airliner Air Zimbabwe has not been doing well for a while now. Convenience is where they lack the most. This is an opportunity for anyone who can afford to purchase small planes to be hired out to take people around the country, be it for business or pleasure. The market is there but the products are not designed right. The infrastructure in terms of airports is also lagging behind but what is there right now is still enough to build a business around. Someone in Harare with an 8am meeting in Chiredzi and a 2pm meeting in Bulawayo needs to be catered for. They need to return home to Harare after all that too. There are people willing to pay good money for such services.

There are many other businesses that can target rich people. The opportunities are there. It is a matter of resources and mind-set. Come to think of it, targeting the rich is actually the easiest business to delve into because they have the spending power. You just need to package it right.