One of our favourite subjects here at Startupbiz is investing in general and particularly on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and its sister exchanges the Finsec and the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange. We strive to provide weekly insights and tips and to that, we formed an investor community. This community is the gift that keeps on giving as it birthed the Retail Investors Community Zimbabwe. One member of the community, Albert Nangara, decided to put together a book that brings stories from 25 people on their journey with ZSE investing. Be sure to read right to the end for an opportunity to win a copy of this book.

People prefer stories to facts. This is one of the quotes that rings in my head whenever I have conversations about storytelling in marketing. So when Albert Nangara told me he was going to compile this collection of stories from people who have been investing in the ZSE I was genuinely excited. The idea came together very well and we have 25 stories that tell the practical tales of investing in Zimbabwe.

Albert Nangara

When I asked Nangara why he put this book together he cited that in his investing journey he had read many books before taking a single step to invest. His thinking was, to gain knowledge first that he could then apply. His inspiration was drawn from the 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happiness which was based on the real-life story of Christopher Gardner. Albert had dreams of becoming a stockbroker but was discouraged by his chemical engineering education background. However, the knowledge would still come in handy when he started investing.

However, the experience of investing practically in Zimbabwe versus what he had come across in the books left a lot to be desired. The majority of literature available is written for other markets and circumstances. After questioning the lack of material he finally was encouraged to do something about it. When I asked what he wish he had known before he started investing he simply replied by saying he wished there was a book like this one. And thanks to him there is.

About the book

The book contains 25 genuine stories from ordinary people who started investing in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. From various backgrounds and experiences, you will see investing in Zimbabwe as it looks on the ground. As a member of the investing community seeing how some stories I was present for unfolded through the eyes of others was an eye-opener. This book is useful to people at any point. If you have not invested before and are thinking about it then definitely get your hands on this book. Those who have started can still learn a lot from the experiences of others including mistakes to avoid.

Albert credits many people with helping him along the journey and from our community he credits Claude Rango (The Financial Preacher), Alfonce Maketo (The Cent Maker), Tendai Moyana (MoxTendai) and myself (KingKGC). These and other stories have been included in the book.

At present, you can order soft copies via WhatsApp (263 77 701 9942) and Email with payment options of Ecocash (ZWL$1000) and Innbucks (US$5) open. The book is available via Amazon for international buyers on this link. Hard copies will be available soon.


We’re giving away 5 copies of ZSE Stories from retail investors and it’s really easy to get your hands on a copy. To be eligible for this you must follow Startupbiz on one of our platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and tell us either;

Why you have not started investing in the ZSE or

What your biggest lesson from investing in the ZSE has been

In the comments. Winners will be chosen at our discretion on what we feel is the most engaging answer. 4 copies will be available for people who enter through this route. The 5th copy will be given to a member of our WhatsApp community which you can join by contacting us on our WhatsApp Business number (+263778798072). You will have to show proof of investment (deal slip/receipt) to be added to the community.

The competition is open for entries during Global Money Week (21 March to 27th March) with winners being announced the following week via our social media platforms.