This is the second part of our 2021 entrepreneur interviews roundup. In this part, we look at 23 more entrepreneur interviews that we did in 2021. By the time you are done with this article, you will effectively have 45 Zimbabwean business or startup case studies to learn from and be inspired by.

New Dimentions Adventures – Small Business Making Your Business Their Business

If you are in for an adventure and you need someone to handle your itinerary, then New Dimentions Adventures is for you. They are a budding business that provides reliable services.

Munyayi – Digital Project Management Platform Creating Employment In Africa

Munyayi is a platform for those who are looking for freelancing opportunities. The platform streamlines interactions between freelancers and those who have stuff that needs to be done.

Tuk Tuk – Yet Another Promising Zimbabwean Online Store To Look Out For

Tuk tuk is one of the many online stores that have come onto the scene in Zimbabwean eCommerce. Tuk Tuk mainly focuses on fruit and vegetable online retail.

Bluelemon Catering – Multifaceted Business

Events management can be daunting if you do not have the right people. It takes the pressure off to have a service provider that can handle your catering and several other aspects. This is what Bluelemon Catering can do for you.

Vegetable Basket – A Zimbabwean Ecommerce Agribusiness In The Space

This is also an option when it comes to Zimbabwean eCommerce players. Vegetable Basket specializes in providing products and services in agribusiness.

Nyasha ‘Hulio Draws’ Warambwa Making Global Waves In Art

The young man has placed Zimbabwe on the global map. He is a digital artist whose sterling work in the NFTs space continues to build a name for himself. He is no doubt, someone to keep an eye on this year.

Caveat Shop – An Ecommerce Startup In Zimbabwe

This is a Zimbabwean eCommerce enterprise looking to make online shopping easy. They sell ladies and kids’ stuff with growing plans to expand their product and service range. They do deliveries across the whole of Zimbabwe.

Afroshelter – House Design Startup Goes Big On 3D Designs

Many Zimbabweans are building houses be it in urban settings or rural settings. Over the past few years, 3D designs have become a thing. To get professionally done 3D house designs then Afroshelter can help you out.

Workzuite – Your All In One Business Management Platform

Business management is increasingly becoming more intricate as things get digital. You would need a comprehensive business management platform to cater for your needs. Workzuite is the best Zimbabwean service provider in this regard.

Poolplaza Zimbabwe – An Online Pool Chemicals And Equipment Company 

For all your pool-related needs i.e. chemicals, equipment, maintenance, and so on; Poolplaza Zimbabwe is your answer. Poolplaza Zimbabwe is the most robust Zimbabwean brand when it comes to pool stuff.

Soki’s Sochis Sausages – A Budding Sausage Making Business By 23-Year-Old Kudzai Masoka

One of the indicators of young Zimbabweans business excellence is Kudzai Masoka. Soki’s Sochis Sausages is now one of the leading Zimbabwean sausage brands in Zimbabwe.

Audacious Zimbabwe – Video Resume Startup Goes Into Beta

Technological innovation continues to redefine how things are done. For example, video resumes are increasingly becoming a thing globally. Audacious Zimbabwe is your best go-to for that in Zimbabwe. – eCommerce Food Aggregator That Thinks Outside The Box

Ecommerce food aggregators are steadily coming up in number. It is an eCommerce focus that brings convenience to various niches. uses a unique approach in this line of business.

Zvikomborero Farms – An Example Of Agribusiness Excellence

If you want to get a feel of how a farming business can be expertly done, consider Zvikomborero Farms. They are one of the leading farming or agribusiness enterprises in Zimbabwe.

Zvose Online – Another Exciting Zimbabwean Ecommerce Platform

This is another option when you are looking to buy online in Zimbabwe. As the name ‘Zvose’ suggests, meaning ‘everything’, they have a wide range of products and services. One of their defining attributes is quality – their stuff is top quality.

Tuma Kerri – A Errand Business Service

This is one of the most reputable errands business service providers in Zimbabwe. Tuma Kerri even got recognition in 2021 to become part of a Facebook Meta initiative.

Canaries Groceries – Offering Efficiency The Key To Ecommerce

It is now possible to buy groceries online in Zimbabwe. There are many options to consider. One of those options is Canaries Groceries.

Ethel Mupambwa – A Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Wins US$150000

This is an inspirational example of how other Zimbabwean entrepreneurs are doing out there. Her story and vision will inspire you to see that anything is possible.

Shanfield Mcleish Moyo – An Art Entrepreneur

This is a breed of enterprising art entrepreneurs emerging in Zimbabwe. These are mainly young artists who are now making a living from art. Shanfield Mcleish Moyo is one of those artists doing well in this space.

HeyZoom – Another Exciting Zimbabwean Ecommerce Startup

HeyZoom is a Zimbabwean eCommerce startup based in Harare. They have a wide range of products and services aimed at providing convenient and fun online shopping experiences.

Tazine Eats – A Zimbabwean Food Delivery Startup Wants To Make Food Delivery The Norm

Due to the rise of eCommerce in Zimbabwe, delivery services have also become commonplace thing. Tazine Eats is one of the food delivery startups in Zimbabwe that have been consistent and convenient.

Tenga 4 Wena – Simplicity Key To Ecommerce Success

Tenga 4 Wena is yet another option to consider when it comes to eCommerce in Zimbabwe. Their brand is one that majors on simplicity in catering to customer needs.

Nutrie Foods – Woman-Led Natural Food Manufacturer

It is always refreshing and inspirational to see young women entering the business or entrepreneurship space. Nutrie Foods, which is woman-led, is a good example worthy of your consideration. Their core focus is the manufacturing of natural foods.

This has been part 2 of the 2021entrepreneur interviews roundup. As you could have noticed, there were many eCommerce startups we covered. It goes to show that eCommerce is here to stay in Zimbabwe.