I still am impressed by the increased activity in the eCommerce space in Zimbabwe. That is definitely the path to take if we are to harness the infinite potential of the digital revolution. I anticipate a future where eCommerce will be mainstream in Zimbabwe. Homegrown solutions are always a formidable thing as opposed to relying heavily on foreign ones. In this article, I will be looking at a Zimbabwean startup called Zvose Online. It is quite a catchy and aptly put name, Zvose, which is Shona for “everything”. I recently interacted with them and here is what we discussed.

Kindly Tell Us Who You Are Including, Your Goals And Objectives

Zvose Online is a Zimbabwean-based online retailer offering a broad range of products and services. It prides itself in providing high-quality goods, affordability, convenience, excellent after-sales support and fast deliveries.

Our products and services include:

– Cross border shopping service allows consumers in Zimbabwe to shop from any store in South Africa (SA).

Zvose Online store selling in-demand products at affordable prices.

Zvose Online Marketplace provides businesses with an opportunity to grow online (newly established).

Our goals and objectives include the following:

– To provide goods and services at highly competitive prices to our clients.

– Promote local businesses in Zimbabwe by providing them with access to online shoppers.

– Provide employment and business opportunities through our delivery partners’ network.

– Have a 100 per cent customer satisfaction record

When And How did Zvose Online Start?

Zvose Online started in March 2018 after a group of young professionals identified common problems in the market and teamed up to solve them. After completing all the groundwork such as company registrations and website development, we successfully launched on 1 November 2018.

What Is Your Long Term Vision?

To become Zimbabwe’s leading retailer, drive local economic growth through empowering small businesses and contribute towards creating tens of thousands of jobs across the country.

Tell Us About How You Ended Up With The Zvose Online Business Idea

Through observation, personal experiences and market research we noted that there was a need for a professional and efficient service that allows consumers in Zimbabwe to shop in SA and have goods delivered on their doorstep. This service was necessitated by generally higher prices locally compared to SA, the absence of certain products within Zimbabwe and high levels of SA-sourced goods in the country.

Tell Us About Your Team – Its Size And Composition

The Zvose Online team comprises 4 founders who are young, ambitious and vibrant professionals from the corporate finance, information technology and real estate industries. The founders are involved in the daily operations of the business and are assisted by a full-time employee.

Currently, How Do You Cater For Your Financial And Material Needs

The business is currently owner-funded and relies on organic growth for financial resources. We outsource processes in instances where we cannot perform them internally.

What Challenges Are You Currently Facing?

Online shopping is not yet prevalent in Zimbabwe hence consumers are sceptical of shopping online. Lack of adequate funding to implement marketing plan and establish warehousing facilities across the country is also another challenge.

What Form Of Assistance Would You Need To Optimize And Grow Your Business?

Assistance in the form of funding will help us to optimize and grow.

For Those Interested In Assisting You Financially Or Materially How Can They Do That?

We would greatly appreciate any support that will be offered to us. Please contact us on any channels provided on our contact details.

Tell Us Anything You Feel You Would Want The People Out There To Know

We encourage consumers to safely shop online with Zvose Online during the Coronavirus outbreak. As a business, we have adopted various measures informed by the W.H.O guidelines to prevent the spread of infection.

If you wish to know more about Zvose Online kindly visit their website. You can also email them on info@zvose.com. You can voice call and WhatsApp on +2773 070 6121 and +26377 152 9138. You can also visit their Facebook page. They are also found on Twitter, check them here. You can link up with them on their Instagram page. Not only can you just buy on Zvose Online, but you can also apply to sell on their platform. I encourage you to go check out their website – let us normalize buying and selling things online!