More and more Zimbabwean e-commerce enterprises are now operational – I also foresee more coming. The more the merrier; I am glad this trend is proving to be perpetual. It creates variety for the customer. It also creates a competitive environment that conditions the enterprises to offer exceptional services. In a few years, I see the Zimbabwean e-commerce space being a force to reckon with. With that said let me talk about TukTuk, the focus of this article.

Who Is TukTuk?

They are a fruit and vegetable online retail store in Harare. Their range also extends to beverages, groceries, and traditionals – there is room to add more as time ensues. They deliver guaranteed freshness to your doorstep. Their vision is to become Zimbabwe’s first choice digital retail company by 2031.

Their objective is to be the leading fruit and vegetable retailer in Harare and beyond. The idea of an online store has always been on the founders’ minds since 2017. However, they never really believed that Harare would produce a good clientele until COVID-19.

So it is actually during the pandemic that they discovered that the market was heading digital. They then started TukTuk in March 2021. They are a team of 5 at the moment, though they expect to be 10 by end of 2021.

TukTuk’s Core Strategy

Their core strategy is centred on providing operating efficiency (to deliver fresh and high quality produce at the lowest possible cost to both the customer and the Company) hence the name TukTuk.

TukTuk is an Indian name for a tricycle or a three-wheeler motorbike which if used for logistics, carries tonne(s) of goods at a very low fuel cost. So the name TukTuk (in our business terms) refers to operating efficiency.

I also personally noticed an interesting analogy there. The TukTuk has 3 wheels denoting 3 aspects that define their core strategy. Those 3 aspects are fresh produce, high-quality produce, and low costs (i.e. selling prices and operational costs). It is abundantly evident the name TukTuk was a well-thought-out brand name.

They started on an inventory arbitrage model, which ensures that we deliver every product on the same day that we procure it from our suppliers. This is meant to save storage costs as well as to keep our products fresh. It has been working perfectly well so far.

Challenges They Are Facing

One of the biggest challenges they are facing is that they are operating in an environment with very low income per capita. The other challenge is that of an e-commerce market that is still finding its footing. Many people in Zimbabwe are still put their trust in buying stuff online. Another challenge is the unavailability of enough capital to execute their strategies.

Obviously, as a start-up, they would love to have more capital to grow their business. They indicated that those interested in assisting them can simply buy TukTuk shares, they are open to anyone who believes in their business model at the moment.

Their Contact Details

They would want their prospective customers to know that their convenience is their priority and they are there to deliver beyond their imagination. The TukTuk online store is found on their website here. You can email TukTuk using the following address: Their WhatsApp contact is: +263713198459 and they are also on Facebook.

That is TukTuk for you, a Zimbabwean e-commerce fruits and vegetables retail startup with a promising future. I am impressed by their being open to people buying shares in their startup. Kindly go and check them out. I know most people in Zimbabwe are still hesitant to explore online shopping. However, there is a lot of conveniences that come with buying stuff online.