Still on the journey of giving exposure to Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and their businesses, today I talk about Shanfield Mcleish Moyo. Shanfield Mcleish Moyo owns and runs his own business called Mcleish SM Art. Apparently, this is a unique kind of entrepreneur that I am looking at today. He is an artist and in this article I look at some details that will help you know this young entrepreneur better. His name is Shanfield Mcleish Moyo, a Zimbabwean-born young man, raised in Bulawayo, and currently residing in Beitbridge.

How The Decision To Pursue Art Came About

Shanfield Moyo has been drawing for 8 years now. The conscious decision to start drawing professionally or full time as an artist is one he took in 2017. His art journey began in 2011 when a fellow classmate of his inspired him by his artworks. His art involved the use of a pen and his name is Artwell Mudavanhu. Artwell would later become both his rival and friend. They would draw for fun and that is how it all started, the Mcleish SM Art idea.

He was once given a scholarship to attend university but he turned it down. This was because he knew that what he wanted to do was something that was not academic. He wanted to use his hands to make a living and he knew he had the gift of drawing. Of course when he made that decision he was not sure if he could make a living out of drawing. Nonetheless he was determined to make it work. Thus he dedicated most of his time practicing drawing until he gradually improved and his art pieces started getting popular.

How Mcleish SM Art Is Currently Faring

His team consists of his best friend who manages his social media accounts. They respond to posts, messages, and handle any enquiries prospective or current clients might have. His art pieces finance the business because some of them are sold internationally for decent amounts of money. Thus it is easier to cater for both his financial and material needs. He also uses the income to buy materials that he needs either online or locally.

Strive Masiyiwa Artwork by Shanfield Mcleish Moyo

His biggest challenge is that he is almost always overwhelmed with work. He does consider this to be a good thing though. I personally think it is inevitable because art tends to a unique gift-centred craft. This means that one would essentially have to work on the pieces solo. Another challenge is that due to lockdown restrictions, it has become much more expensive and difficult for him to get material for his art. Some of the consumables he needs he would normally have to travel to go and buy them. This now forces him to buy them online and that is usually characterized by having to wait for a certain period of time till he gets them delivered. Overall he feels that the business performing well given the capacity he currently has. He is content with the level he has grown to though there is always room for more.

Shanfield asserts that being self-employed and having something to do with your own hands is one of the best things one can do for themselves. He points out how we grew up being told that education is the key to success. His advice to young people out there is to not to be blinkered by that notion. He however, indicates that education should be named as one of the many keys to success. He even feels saddened by how most young people spend so many years at school and end up sitting at home with degrees on their hands but with nothing to do. He encourages them to acquire a technical skill for themselves which when put to use will help them succeed with so much satisfaction.

Shanfield Moyo would appreciate the help from anyone who wishes to assist Mcleish SM Art. He also has a strong desire to assist upcoming artists who are struggling financially and materially. If you would like to connect with Mcleish SM Art you can do so on InstagramTwitter or Facebook . I always urge us to support local entrepreneurs and businesses; this is one of them. When you check out his social media platforms you will be amazed at the excellent art pieces that he produces.