In this article, I am profiling Poolplaza Zimbabwe, which seeks to become the prime One-Stop Online Swimming Pool Shop in Zimbabwe. They offer you the convenience of purchasing all your swimming pool chemicals and cleaning equipment online and getting them delivered to your doorstep in Harare (for now).

Kindly Tell Us Who You Are Including Your Goals And Objectives

I am Charles Mungororo, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur aged 50. I am the founder of Poolplaza Zimbabwe a one-stop swimming pool supplies company that specializes in pool construction, chemicals, repairs and maintenance.  I am a former Purchasing Officer at Air Zimbabwe for 14 years from 1991 to 2005. My goal is to be the best pool company in Zimbabwe and the region. We want to be the most sought Pool Company in Zimbabwe and abroad. My goal for this year is to expand into all the major cities of Zimbabwe. My objective shall be achieved by offering the best customer service, best prices and best brands in the pool industry.

When And How Did Poolplaza Zimbabwe Start?

After being frustrated by lack of recognition due to nepotism, tribalism and company politics, I left Air Zimbabwe in the year 2005 after serving the airline religiously for 14 years. I felt I had acquired enough experience to leave cooperate life and pursue my dream of becoming a businessman. Thanks to Air Zimbabwe I learned customer care and company operational systems.

What Is Your Long Term Vision?

My long term vision for Poolplaza Zimbabwe is to be the pool company of choice in Zimbabwe and the region. I would like to achieve that by staying ahead of the competition by providing the latest and most effective chemicals and pool care methods. We are now constructing the latest swimming pool styles. Poolplaza Zimbabwe is the future of the pool industry. We are bringing so much convenience to the Zimbabwean pool industry by using the latest online technology or even those that are in the diaspora who own properties in Zimbabwe.

I gained pool experience while I was working at Air Zimbabwe. I formed a pool company in 1997 with my brother and worked with him during weekends and during my leave days. When I left Air Zimbabwe in 2005 I joined him full time for 2 years and left in 2007 to start Poolplaza Zimbabwe since I had enough experience.

I started Poolplaza with my young brother Nomore in 2007. Nomore is more technical and I am more artistic in construction and very good with pool chemicals so we formed a formidable partnership. We started as a repairs and maintenance company and after one year in 2008 we managed to employ a pool builder and 2 building assistants and the rest of the team would be part-time.

Tell Us About How You Ended Up With The Poolplaza Zimbabwe Idea?

When I analyzed the Zimbabwean pool industry I discovered that in Harare there are no independent swimming pool shops. What we have in Harare are factory outlets for pool chemical companies in Zimbabwe. Poolplaza came in as a game-changer. We are the only pool shop in Harare that sells all trusted brands of pool chemicals and equipment. Poolplaza helps the customer to choose the right pool chemicals for their pools unlike in supermarkets there is no one to advise you on what to buy when you have a pool problem.

Tell Us About Your Team …

The Poolplaza team is currently at 10 full-time employees who are into chemical sales, home deliveries, construction, and pool repairs. Our collective years of experience as a team go beyond 20 years.

Financial And Material Needs – How Do You Manage?

Our bank currently takes care of our financial needs. Our material needs are currently being supplied by our local and international partners and that enables us to stock the widest range of pool supplies under one roof in Zimbabwe.

Challenges You Are Currently Facing?

We are facing challenges in real estate. It is hindering our expansion drive. Real estate companies are allocating shops not on merit mostly, but on tribal or nepotistic grounds. For example, they offer you a shop at 40 US dollars per square meter but offer another client at 25 US dollars per square meter.

The main challenge we are currently facing as small businesses is the council shop licenses which are charged a flat rate. I think it should be charged per square meter. To me, it does not make sense to charge a kiosk the same amount as a supermarket. The pool business serves a niche market hence we need to operate from the northern suburbs shopping centres which at the moment have a shortage of vacant shops.

Any Assistance You Might Need?

The government should assist small businesses by protecting them from unscrupulous landlords through empowering the rent board. We can quickly expand and bring convenience to our customers if those with rental spaces come forward and offer to partner with us by providing rental space at normal rates.

Anything You Want To Add?

Swimming pool owners should know that Poolplaza Zimbabwe offers in-store and online pool supplies and delivers pool supplies door to door. After being inspired by the popular Fresh In A Box Company, we approached them and they helped us to launch our online pool supplies shop where customers can shop online by visiting our simple to use the website in the comfort of their homes and offices. Customers can choose to pay upfront or on delivery. The Poolplaza online pool shop offers online live pool care advice to customers and free advice on what to use to solve their pool problems.

Poolplaza is situated inside Home Hardware at Kamfinsa Shopping Centre in Greendale Harare. Their landline is +263 24 244 3186, their mobile number is +263 772 393 600, and their e-mail address is You can visit their website or their Facebook page.