StarupBiz is always on the lookout for any emergence of enterprising startups in Zimbabwe. Eager to tell their stories in any way we can which is why I love to do feature articles on them. In this article, I shall be discussing a Zimbabwean startup called Tazine Eats. They are still quite young, only having been in operation for a very short time so far. Thanks to this article you will now get to know them and get to do business with them. It is through supporting homegrown enterprises that we can see them break barriers and grow big.

Who Tazine Eats Is

Tazine Eats is an upcoming delivery tech-centred company which aims to be the biggest player in the restaurant and food delivery industry, first in Harare. Their bigger aim is to then become a market leader in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Thus they aim to become the biggest player in the restaurant and food delivery business in Southern Africa. They are set on becoming the next big household name. They plan to do this by offering the market an efficient, fast, and affordable food delivery service. They want their services to be accessible to all. This February marks their 4th month in operation. They have been steadily growing and building their brand since inception.

How The Idea Came About

Having travelled to first world countries, their founder and director saw the idea as a norm in those countries and thought it is something that would work well in Zimbabwe and Africa. Other African countries are way ahead and Tazine Eats will be a way for Zimbabwe to catch up. They started the business from their own capital as partners through savings and investments. As the business has grown, it is now able to take care of the operating expenses. They now have a growing fleet of riders and a great team in their customer service, accounting, and graphic designing.

How It All Works

How their value proposition or service is like is best described by their Facebook page description. It says, “TazineEats connects people and restaurants seamlessly, contactlessly, and effortlessly”. Their hashtag is #MealsOnWheels. Essentially you place an order with them on what you want and they deliver it to your doorstep. When you log onto their website you see the menu of the various eats that they can get for you. You can search for what you want by restaurant, or by cuisine (e.g. Italian, traditional, fast food, steak and barbeque, and so on).

They have food service providers that they have partnered with – they still are signing up more partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner you can sign up with them. This offers you the opportunity to get customer inflows for your business. To place an order, as in, for customers, you can use the contact details I will avail at towards the end of this article. Alternatively, you can order using their mobile app. You can download it from the Google Play Store here.

Major Challenge

Their main challenge has been implementing their tech-savvy idea into a market that was not yet ready. Some of their merchants lack the foundation for them to integrate with them. However they plan to introduce the set up as they grow, it will take time but it can be done. Publicity will lead to brand recognition. This will help them optimize their impact as a brand, make them known and share their vision with their target market.

How You Can Get In Touch With Them

You can find them on Facebook by clicking here: Tazine Eats. They are also found on Instagram, you can click here: Tazine Eats. If you want to check out their website you can click here. You can also email on  or You can call them on +263 242 711370 or WhatsApp on +263 715 091 270/280. All these contact details are what you can use to place orders. Their physical address is Shop 203, Longcheng Plaza, Belvedere in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Be sure to check out Tazine Eats; both customers and partners stand to benefit. Customers get to experience the convenience of having food delivered to their doorsteps. Given the prevailing circumstances, this is very convenient. As for partners, you get to benefit the convenience of getting orders which means revenue for you. Due to lockdown restrictions, walk-in sales are heavily compromised. By partnering with Tazine Eats you get to realize sales despite the lockdown. Tazine Eats is still starting no wonder it is still covering Harare. However, I am confident shortly they will be catering for your whole country and beyond.