Lately, I have been putting some considerable time into profiling local startups and businesses. It might seem routine but you have no idea some of these enterprises need this exposure. This coverage not only gives exposure but also serves to inspire others. Maybe you are struggling to keep your enterprise afloat; you can be inspired to fight on. Maybe you are contemplating starting your own enterprise; you can be inspired to give it a shot. In this particular article I shall be looking at Vegetable Basket; one of the many local examples of entrepreneurs exploring the eCommerce space.

Who Is Vegetable Basket?

Vegetable Basket is an online store for premium quality, fresh vegetables and fruits, amongst other delicacies. They are a Zimbabwean, Harare-based, eCommerce enterprise that sells fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and poultry produce, plus much more online. Orders are essentially placed online and deliveries are done to the customers. Produce is sourced from farmers or producers in and around Harare. Their vision is to connect with almost every farmer in Zimbabwe so that they will easily sell their produce directly to the consumer locally and internationally.

Their goals or objectives are centred on making it easier for the farmers in Zimbabwe to find a market for their produce. This stems from how in Zimbabwe we have farmers who produce the best produce but find it difficult to sell their produce. Most rural farmers bring their produce to Mbare and Highfield marketplaces, but these marketplaces are overpopulated, poorly managed and have no security. This is a notable problem for both the farmers and the consumers.

With Vegetable Basket they are making it easier for farmers to sell their produce to a broader market and now consumers can buy the produce directly from the farms or producers, in the comfort of their homes.

Coverage So Far

It is unfortunate that currently, they are only covering Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton and other small towns within the vicinity of Harare.

If you purchase a minimum of 5 items or products, they offer free delivery within the CBD of Harare. Basically, home deliveries must have a minimum order of 10 products or items. If you purchase at least 20 products or items you have to pay US$5 for home delivery. If the number of products or items is between 15 and 19, the delivery fee is US$6. For 14 products or items and below, the delivery fee is US$8. (More details are on the check page of their eCommerce site).

Their grand desire is to offer our services throughout Zimbabwe. They also want to facilitate the exportation of Zimbabwean produce to the international market.

How Vegetable Basket Started

The idea came up after they realized the predicament most farmers in Zimbabwe usually face. Most producers struggle to establish robust markets for their produce. Thus they decided to create an online platform that would link up farmers or producers and clients. Their in-house software developer, Tanyaradzwa Mukondiwa then developed the platform. The project started back in 2017 however during that time the website was not yet fully optimized as it is now. From 2017 their major focus has been improving their services and growing the company.

The Vegetable Basket Team

They have a considerably sized team comprising of different specialities. Their Marketing Manager is McDonald Kazingizi; he is a holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. There are 5 other guys in the Accounts department. There is also a team of software developers led by Tanyaradzwa Mukondiwa. Then there is a logistics team which is led by Shepherd Maangira and Ethrida Musekiwa. By the way, Vegetable Basket is self-funded i.e. its directors bankroll its operations.

You can get the comprehensive details and place orders on their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact them using this mobile number: +263 716 083 671.