In 2021 we featured many entrepreneur interviews – 45 in total. The purpose of doing these interviews is to give exposure to promising Zimbabwean startups and businesses. It is also meant to educate and inspire others already in the field or planning to. I guarantee you that going through those interviews will be a rewarding experience for you. To give an overview here is an interviews roundup for 2021, enjoy.

Unassailable – The Personal Security Business That Wants To Protect Women

This is an interesting startup that is centred on protecting women. Women tend to be vulnerable and as such initiatives bent on beefing up their security is a noble effort.

Pygentech – Technology Startup That Wants To Keep Your Child Safe And More

This is an IT startup that specializes in software, hardware and internet of things (IoT) development. One of their flagship products is the Contactless Attendance System for schools.

Ella Apparel – Luxury Handmade Crotchet Business That Focuses On Quality

Ella Apparel takes crocheting to a whole new level. They produce some of the most high-quality apparel especially handmade using the crotchet.

SOG Clothing – Young Apparel Business Making Huge Strides

This is yet another apparel business steadily growing in Zimbabwe. It is interesting to note that there have been several apparel businesses emerging in Zimbabwe.

Hutano Foods – A Zimbabwean Health Foods Startup You Must Check Out

The health foods cluster is also another one of those areas gaining traction in Zimbabwe. Hutano Foods is worth your while with its focus on making healthy foods using indigenous fruits, crops, or plants.

Pfeka – A Zimbabwean African-Themed Clothing Brand

Pfeka is another Zimbabwean brand focusing on apparel. Their uniqueness is found in that they mainly major in producing African-themed clothing.

Musik Bay – A Leading Musical Instruments Retail Shop In Zimbabwe

If you are looking to purchase or hire musical instruments then Musik Bay is your plug. Had an opportunity to visit their retail shop in Westgate – a formidable brand!

Maxitreats – Startup That Wants To Be The Only Gift Shop You Will Ever Need

The demand for gift products or services has been on the rise in Zimbabwe. This has seen more and more brands coming up to serve this market. Maxitreats is one of those brands you can trust in this space.

Vintage MozArt – A Young Zimbabwean Digital Artist Making Global Waves

2021 saw NFTs blowing up all across the world. In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, NFTs are being projected to become the next big thing. Vintage MozArt is one of the Zimbabwean digital artists that have made a name for themselves globally.

Zimbogini – Easy Does It For Ecommerce Startup

Besides apparel and health foods, eCommerce has been one of the most active niches in Zimbabwe. The trend is most likely going to continue and Zimbogini is one of the brands building its legacy in Zimbabwean eCommerce.

MyRunner – A Bus Booking Platform For Southern Africa

Imagine a bus booking service also coupling with errand services. Additionally, imagine bringing in a money sending service into the mix. This is what MyRunner does and is steadily spreading its wings across Zimbabwe.

CourierIt2Me – The UK To Zimbabwe Cargo Services Provider

There are many Zimbabweans in the diaspora – the UK for instance. CourierIt2Me helps in providing courier services for cargo in the UK bound for Zimbabwe.

Premier Billiards Zimbabwe – Provider Of Pool Tables And More In Zimbabwe

Pool is one of the most played sports or pastime activities in drinking joints or a wide variety of shopping outlets. The biggest name in Zimbabwe when it comes to pool tables, accessories, and more is Premier Billiards Zimbabwe.

Youth Opportunities Hub – Your One-Stop Portal For Youth Academic Opportunities

Many of you are always in search of opportunities – especially young Zimbabweans. Youth Opportunities Hub provides you with a one-stop portal for youth academic opportunities and more. All these are accessible via an all-purpose website.

ZimboShop – Online Aggregator For Zimbabwean Products  

Suppose you are in South Africa and you are looking for Zimbabwean products or services. You now have a solution for all that and that is ZimboShop. They are an aggregated one-stop-shop for all Zimbabwean related goods and services whilst in South Africa.

Glytime Foods – A Rapidly Rising Zimbabwean Health Foods Startup

Glytime Foods made a huge mark in the year 2021. They scooped awards on various platforms e.g. at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. They are no doubt one of the biggest health foods brands in Zimbabwe right now.

Emarss Technologies – A Zimbabwean Digital Solutions Provider

Things are becoming more and more digital the world over and Zimbabwe is no exception. There is a need for robust digital solutions providers. Emarss Technologies is one of such brands that is well-equipped to address your digital concerns in Zimbabwe.

Dandaro Online – Zimbabwe’s Very Own Social Media Network

Over the years Zimbabweans have gotten so accustomed to using foreign digital platforms. This is evident for social media as an example. That of course has opened up many doors but it would be much greater to have our Zimbabwean platforms. Dandaro Online had stepped up to the challenge of creating Zimbabwe’s very own social media platform.

Black Effect Apparel – For The Young By The Young

This is another competitive option when it comes to apparel brands in Zimbabwe. It is a brand that was started and is run by young people so you can be sure to find your actual taste as a young Zimbabwean.

Click Drive Car Rental Services – Youthful Car Hire Business Breakthrough 

If ever you find yourself in a scenario where you need to rent or hire a vehicle in Zimbabwe, Click Drive Car Rental Services is your answer. This is yet again a Zimbabwean brand that is run by young people.

Richard Zengeni’s Zeengaz Banana Chips – Perfect Example Of Value Addition In Zimbabwe

There are vast prospects in the field of value addition in Zimbabwe. We have barely scratched the surface but it is refreshing to see some young Zimbabweans stepping up in that domain. Zeengaz Banana Chips are a Zimbabwean delicacy that is fast becoming a household brand.

Koki Delivery – Not Your Average Ecommerce Store

There are now many eCommerce stores in Zimbabwe. Most of them tend to be the same but some do come with their uniqueness. Koki Delivery is one such Zimbabwean eCommerce brand with a difference.

This wraps up part 1 of our 2021 entrepreneur interviews roundup – 22 interviews. Be sure to check out part 2 that will summarize the other 23 entrepreneur interviews we did in 2021.