The 2020s decade started with the major shock of the coronavirus pandemic. For one reason or another new businesses have had to be set up or businesses have had to change. 2022 presents the next challenge for those in business or those who want to start businesses. We took some time to look around and find the businesses that, with current information, will likely experience great business in 2022. You can look at these ideas outright as fully-fledged businesses or add them to existing businesses. There’s quite a few to go through so let’s get into it.


Sustainability is becoming bigger and bigger in business. In Zimbabwe, it isn’t quite spelt out but we are seeing it. The Environmental Management Agency will phase out plastic carrier bags in December 2022 to add to the previous action they have taken. Sustainability also registers well with customers.

Fitness & health

The coronavirus brought health and hygiene into the focus for the last two years. With a fourth wave hitting us at the tail end of 2022 we are not done with the virus yet. Incidentally, the lockdowns that we experienced to curb the spread forced people to look for alternative methods to continue their fitness exploits. Now exercise has expanded to augmented reality among other things. Solutions in both health and fitness will continue to be a big part of life in 2022.

Digital events and conferences

Events and conferences have suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic. However, taking them digital was the way to go for many events. The pandemic isn’t over and events are not safe as things stand so leaning hard into digital is the way to go at least for the near future.

Home improvement

One of my favourite examples of unexpected effects of life changes is how people realised how much they had not invested in making their homes comfortable liveable and workable spaces. When lockdown forced people to stay at home they reevaluated this. Much to the benefit of those in the home décor and improvement related industries. This area will continue to receive focus in 2022.

Outsourced business services

With more and more people starting businesses and many businesses being forced to downsize in the last two years many businesses need support services but are not ready to engage people full time for this purpose. Outsourcing is b=getting bigger and if you have the skills, experience and capability you should consider riding the outsourced business services wave.

Sharing economy

If you have a business idea based on the sharing economy then you really should get on with it and get started in 2022. The pandemic has also affected the finances of people and organisations so much so that investment in capacity has been low. If your idea can solve a genuine problem it’s time to step up and step in.


ECommerce is a force that we’ve barely tapped into and while it has had its teething problems in Zimbabwe sooner or later we will get past them. Getting past them is a process, not an event, a process you will have to be involved in to take advantage of. Zimbabwe is ready for your eCommerce idea so what are you waiting for?

Last mile delivery

ECommerce in Zimbabwe has stuttered with two main problems, payments and delivery. Last-mile delivery while being executed well by a few businesses in Zimbabwe has not yet found a player that covers the entire nation while doing it well. There’s an opportunity to be explored here in 2022.

Alternative energy

Despite multiple assurances in the early part of 2021 we still experienced power shortages at the tail end of the year. The power situation in Zimbabwe is largely a supply issue and the most appropriate solution is home level power generation or alternative energy. This is a sure bet for at least a few years and that’s if the powers that be do everything right.

Content creation

As more and more of the world goes online, more content is needed by businesses to appeal to the online customer base. Quality content that is. So whether you are into copy, audio or video in their many expressions there is space for your business to do big things in 2022.


As we integrate into the online world cybersecurity is also becoming a bigger issue. If business is moving online then you can rest assured the scammers and security threats are moving there too. If you are into cybersecurity or have a cybersecurity-related idea then don’t let 2022 end without putting your idea out there.


Though they missed the deadline by 4 years Zimbabwean television eventually switched from digital to analogue. Well, not completely but the digital channels are finally working. That’s not the only thing switching from analogue to digital and any business that helps other businesses navigate the switch is surely set to have a good time in the coming years. Starting with 2022.


Learning and education have always been part of life. However, the rate of change in many industries has accelerated the demand for learning. In addition to this, we live in the best time ever when it comes to learning methods and options. Learning will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond.

There are certainly more but these represent some of the biggest business opportunities in Zimbabwe for 2022. If there are any you feel could’ve been added you can always leave a comment and help others benefit from your insight.