I am sure many of you love to unwind from your busy daily schedules. There are many options when it comes to pastime activities. It is one of such activity, especially for men, is playing pool. It is commonplace to see people playing pool just for fun or even as leagues. Growing up I remember that I used to love this amusement game we would call flipper. It is widely known as pinball and I loved that game. Such games and more still entertain many across Zimbabwe. Often time I see people making enquiries on where to get pool tables to buy or hire and the like. In this article, I shall be profiling the biggest provider of such services and more in Zimbabwe, Premier Billiards Zimbabwe.

Who Is Premier Billiards Zimbabwe?

Premier Billiards Zimbabwe (PBZ) is the largest local manufacturer and supplier of pool tables, soccer or football tables, amusement machines, and related spares and services, with operations in Harare, Gweru, Kadoma, and Bindura.

When And How Did Premier Billiards Zimbabwe Begin?

PBZ was founded in 2018 and started as just a small team of 3 staff. Initially, they only had operations in the capital, Harare. When they started their core focus was just retail. However, as time went on they grew into a pool table manufacturing and distribution company.

They also added on other services such as the manufacturing and supply of soccer tables, amusement machines, and so on. They now also provide spares and also conduct routine service for the various machines. As of now, their team has grown into 20 individuals. They have also expanded to other towns such as Gweru, Kadoma, and Bindura. Anticipations are of course that operations will continue to expand to other cities and towns.

Services Offered

They supply brand new amusement and sports equipment such as pool tables, soccer tables, ping pong tables, dartboards, and related spares. They also do routine services and provide repair services as well.

Target Market And Reach

PBZ has a pool table and soccer table production facility in Harare and retail showrooms in Harare, Gweru, Kadoma and Bindura. PBZ is actively expanding countrywide with plans to open branches in Chinhoyi, Mutare, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Kwekwe, and other towns, as well as developing export markets within the SADC region.

An Overview Of The Team Behind PBZ

The Founder and Managing Director are Mr Tapiwa Matambo. He once served as the MD at Allied Amusements Zimbabwe, was COO at Road Angels, Operations Manager at TV Sales, Finance Manager at CC Sales, Finance Director at Livestock Trading, proprietor of own IT startup called Technomedia, and also trained in accounting at Ernst & Young in the CIS Accounts Division. Mr Kuda Boriwondo is the Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr Nyasha Matanga is the Production Manager, and Mr Oneal Mututu is the Accountant.

Current Challenges Being Faced

There has been a heightened need for working capital funding required for growth. There have been working capital constraints due to accelerated growth in the past year. There is also a need for patient capital to replace long term liabilities falling due this year as well as investment into mechanisation and automation of production processes to boost volumes and quality of production. Overall, there is a need for more capital which is proving quite elusive at the moment.

Any Prospects For Business Or Investment Partnerships?

Yes, there is a need for substantial amounts of working capital funding for massive operational growth to address working capital constraints. Thus anyone or anyone who knows someone who might be interested in making capital investments in PBZ can kindly contact them.

PBZ has replaced a lot of imported components in pool tables with local supplies and thus leading to a reduced import bill for pool tables due to their rapid growth in the market. To enhance PBZ’s operations the least you can all do is social media shares and referrals by both existing and prospective customers. This will go a long way in building brand awareness. You can contact Premier Billiards Zimbabwe (PBZ) via calls or WhatsApp on +263772420174. You can email them at tapiwa@premierbilliards.co.zw. You can also visit their website here. You can find them on Facebook here. Alternatively, you can visit in-store at Harare Shop 9C Gelfand House Ground Floor, 56 Speke Ave Corner First Street Harare. Their landline is 0242-752163. Spread the word!