Conversation in the fashion industry is dominated by women’s fashion. This makes sense as women have a breath of fashion that men simply cannot hope to reach. What the men’s side of the fashion world has that women don’t have is concentration. The female fashion market is wider but the male fashion market is deeper in some regards. That means men are willing to spend more on fewer items and that should be good news to anyone. in the fashion space. So what items should you focus on if you’re in men’s fashion?


There’s that old saying about a man’s shoes telling his entire story. While I wouldn’t recommend you fully subscribe to it I wouldn’t want to be the proof to the pudding in the wrong way. Men as market care about their shoes and this should put dollar signs in the eyes of any retailer or shoe supplier. Formal shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and more. You will find that men are willing (or forced to) part with small fortunes for shoes.


Nothing says men’s fashion accessories like a watch. Sure smartwatches are quite popular but nothing beats a classic watch, even if it is not top of the range or designer. This is another fashion item that you will find men willing to spend small fortunes on in the right circumstances.  You can supply everything from bargain basement to top of the line, it will just depend on the market you have access to.


This is the one area that women’s fashion that is much broader than men’s. Accessories. Think of things like belts, cuff links, tie pins and other such items. It’s not an incredibly wide market but the customers who look for such items tend to be willing to pay a lot for the right item. That says a good business opportunity to me.


Though sometimes understated jewellery is very important to fashion-conscious men and there are plenty of those. In the Zimbabwean context, the trend to favour jewellery is skewed towards younger men but that does not exclude older men. The right jewellery is a matter of market preference but you will surely find customers for chains, earrings, rings and bracelets out there.


Small items are items such as underwear, socks, handkerchiefs and vests. These items are very important but also go largely underrated. The worlds sock industry is largely supported by the gifting of men. Socks are humble yet very important and the same goes for everything on this list. Quality underwear also matters as we move to the hotter months of the year. The best part of such business is these are items that will need to be replaced quite regularly.


Wallets are very important items. Sure the cash shortages in the nation may have rendered them somewhat less useful but that doesn’t make them useless. This is another item that you will find has a die-hard fan base. Those who are into wallets will place great value on them. You can of course sell at the lower end but believe me all the fun in this market is at the top end with durability really important.


Just when you thought you were safe from football jerseys. I’m sorry ladies but I must stay true to the business idea. While there are varying opinions on them the fact is that those who buy and wear them, love them. Of course, sportswear is more than sports team jerseys. This includes things like exercise gear, sweat pants, vests, shorts and more. This is a strong business idea and while some people may cringe at it being included among fashion business ideas the reality is it fits right in.

Always remember to study your market. A lot comes down to hitting the market with the right product. Before you go and stock up on the wrong thing make sure you understand what your market is willing to pay for and how much they are willing to pay for it.