The emergence of home-grown Zimbabwean startups has become the norm. It is a refreshing trend to see because we must have our products and services. Celebrating such startups gives them publicity and also inspires the next startups as well. The operating environment has increasingly become digital the world over and Zimbabwe is no exception. Recently I saw a report by the Garner CIO Technology Executive Survey. The report stated that the area enjoying the highest attention by increasing investor funding is cyber or information security. That overall shows you that, in general, the area of ICT is thriving. The startup I am discussing here operates in that area and is well on course to becoming an industry leader in Zimbabwe.

Who Is Pygentech?

Pygentech is a youth-owned start-up founded by Tinashe Chibondo and Clara Mazhindu. The startup was legally registered in November 2019. Their vision is to make life easier and smarter for people in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at large through the use of technology. They specialise in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) services namely, Software Development, Hardware Development, and Internet of Things (IoT).

So far they have designed and developed several websites, website systems and engineered one hardware component. Their immediate goal is to roll out their new product called the Pygentech C.A.S (Contactless Attendance System) into schools. This will technology to confirm your child’s arrival at school and movements remotely.  They currently have a wide target market reach which exceeds 50 000 people. They endeavour to target any sector that needs technological intervention ranging from the educational to security, household, and health sectors.

The Pygentech Team

Their CEO is Mr Tinashe Chibondo who is a Software Engineer.

Their Marketing Director is Mrs Clara Mazhindu.

The Senior Developer is Mr Takudzwa Gozo and the Logistics Officer is Miss Maria Tembo.

They have an external Finance Consultant, Mr Panaishe Chibondo, and their Legal Advisor is Miss Ruvarashe Mazhindu. They are planning to expand their team to fully manage their new project.

Challenges They Are Facing

At the moment they are facing financial challenges in promoting and rolling out their new project, Pygentech C.A.S (Contactless Attendance System). They have finished designing and developing everything. They have even reached out to some private schools already that have accepted the project. However, they now need to fully roll it out and as a startup, they are lacking funds to do this. They desire to fully roll out the project by January 2022.

They also need assistance in reaching out to the government so that this project is implemented in every school and every student has an electronic ID. Furthermore, they would like to increase their number of developers. This would help them develop and work on more projects that can help improve technological advancement in Zimbabwe.

Partnership And Investment Prospects

As long as it aligns with their vision and goals, Pygentech is open to partnership and investment agreements.

How You Can Help The Pygentech Brand

Funding is important for any startup to succeed. If they can get to fully roll out one project that would have a multiplier effect. This is because it can change people’s lives and the returns from that project can fund other subsequent projects. So if you can or know people who can avail of the much-needed funding, kindly get in touch with Pygentech.

Brand awareness is also very important. You should not hesitate to interact with Pygentech; they are a budding startup whose prospects are huge. Getting to tell others about their brand, also referring prospective clients to them propels their brand forward.

An Important Note From Pygentech

Technology is the way to go. It is changing lives for the better. Let us embrace it and see how easy life can be with it. Our Zimbabwean education system lacks a great deal of technology. We need to change our mindset and embrace it to improve our children’s lives. The same applies to the health sector, mining sector and other industrial sectors, even in our homes. We believe technology makes life easy if implemented right.”

Be Part Of The Future

Get to discover the best school management system in Zimbabwe with a contactless facility. Get to manage all your school administration with just a click. This is what you get from Pygentech’s CSMS – Contactless School Management System. You can get more details on this remarkable Pygentech product by following this link.

Get In Touch With Pygentech Today

To contact Pygentech, you can WhatsApp or call on +263774598785 and +2638644122983. You can email via You can check out their website here. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well. You can also connect with the Pygentech team by looking at the following LinkedIn Profiles namely, Tinashe Chibondo, Tinotenda Mazhindu, Maria Tembo, Takudzwa Gozo, and Panaishe Chibondo.