The Zimbabwean eCommerce space is heating up. Truth be told it has been heating up for a while now. There are many factors at play here that include a large diaspora customer base that buys for families at home, improvement in critical support structures and lockdown as a result of covid 19. All these things have played a part in the increasing popularity of the eCommerce space and one business that has taken advantage of this is Zimbogini. They provide a simple eCommerce experience for groceries, cakes and hampers.


Zimbogini provides a simple eCommerce website. I always get excited when I can refer to any online offering as simple. It is a compliment to have an offering that appeals to the mind without many questions and feels intuitive, almost instinctive to navigate. That’s what Zimbogini provides. A clean and clear website that puts the focus on the products, where it should be.


Unlike many eCommerce retailers we have seen in the Zimbabwean space Zimbogini provides the odd combination of picking your groceries at will and offering hampers. Usually, providers will choose one or the other because of logistics and feasibility concerns. You either have set packages that simplify your stocking and buying process or you have buyers pick what they want. The latter makes stocking and buying more complicated but lightens the load in some ways.


They offer grocery hampers that have a set number of items in the basket. These are mostly comprised of basic commodities. There are four options of hampers, small, medium, large and extra-large hampers. The difference with each hamper is the addition of extra items. This is a simple choice for people who need to pick a bunch of basic groceries or are shopping for someone and not sure what to get.


You also have the option of picking individual grocery items to create your hamper. Perfect if you are shopping for yourself or someone whose needs you have intimate knowledge of. Also great if you are looking for something beyond basic commodities. Here you will find toiletries and a wider variety of groceries in terms of flavours and product lines.

Bulk groceries

They have a section that allows you to buy groceries in bulk which is something that customers would appreciate very much. So in addition to buying your hampers or single unit groceries, you can also buy specific items in bulk.

Cakes and Platters

In addition to their main offering, the groceries, Zimbogini also offers cakes and platters. The cakes are provided through a third party arrangement with Vicky Cakes and are available for order and delivery. If you’re familiar with my commentary on eCommerce you will note that aggregators have generally gotten the best of the internet, especially in Zimbabwe. Using their platform to offer a wider variety of products is good business by Zimbogini. As is opening up to party platters.

Nationwide delivery

Zimbogini offers nationwide delivery for its products. So whether you are in the diaspora buying for someone in Zimbabwe or simply want to take advantage of their convenience from Zimbabwe Zimbogini provides in all circumstances. They also offer a pickup service that allows you to pick up your groceries at any one of their points bringing the convenience narrative full circle.

Clear, simple, convenient

For those who want to take a leaf from Zimbogini the keys to success are plain for all to see.


Make it clear from the moment a customer lands on your website what they are in for, what can be done, how to do it and what they need to do it. If customers land on your pages and still have questions about what you do and how you do it then you have some work to do.


You must strive by all means to make the process of using your service as simple as possible. That means cutting out the red tape at every point you can. If there is any way you can streamline any part of the process then you must. Complexity, especially in eCommerce almost always leads to friction which frustrates customers.


Convenience completes the holy trinity of eCommerce success keys. If at any time your process becomes harder than just going to the store and buying things myself then it’s highly likely you’re not seeing any of my money. Make sure the process provides convenience that matters to customers. While many will point out being cheaper as the ultimate convenience it is not the only, or best method of delivering convenience.

Zimbogini is a great example of simplicity being a key in eCommerce in Zimbabwe. Visit their site, Facebook and Twitter to enjoy secure and convenient eCommerce.