Creative businesses are taking off in a big way with the boom in technology. Photography is one business that has really seen a rejuvenation with the advent of digital images and social media. I managed to catch up with a creative who is the photography business among other things and she had some great business tips and advice for those interested in the business.

 The knowledge

You can make use of many free online courses and tutorials to get the basic knowledge of photography and start to hone your skills with the basics. There are many different styles of photography and as such you will need to figure out what your style will be. Studio shoots, outdoor, street, sports, nature, commercial, events, people candid and so many more styles are available.


This is where it gets tricky. The gear is quite expensive but it is not entirely necessary to own the gear outright. You can hire things like lights, tripods, backdrops and such. It may even be possible to hire cameras and lenses. You will also a computer with editing software such as Abode Lightroom or capture one. Premises are not really a requirement in this business but you may need access to a studio. This is not difficult as many studios are available for hire.


In order to get clients you have to sell in this business and the best way to do so is to show people your capabilities. Show your work. Social media platforms are great for this and having a website or blog as an online portfolio will make it easy for your prospects to see your work. It is also wise to have a hard copy portfolio where people can see printed versions of your work as print media is still viable for many.


It’s important to have a well-thought business plan as this will inform how you operate. Having a good record keeping and account keeping system as part of that plan is important.


Your market niche depends in a big way on what type of photography you choose to specialize in. Commercial photography will differ from sports photography as will wildlife. What is important to grasp is that you can create strategies for different market niches. We have a whole new niche of social media influencers who require photography services in order to bolster their image. An unappreciated niche is stock photography, this basically provides images of places or people. Perhaps you live in or have access to a place that is rarely photographed. You can sell photos of these places online.

I asked Diana Elisha what she thought was absolutely essential to know before going into the business. She highlighted the need to have a clearly thought out pricing strategy. Taking photos is only half the work, editing them is another task altogether that may prove harder. She also mentioned the importance of doing pro-bono work, which will give you experience and exposure as a new entrant in the business. Finally, she stressed the importance of networking with other photographers and creatives.

If this is the sort of business opportunity that interests you and you’d like to know more, you can contact Diana for training and mentorship.