And so ended the first quarter of 2021. On the ZSE there was a bit of a scare in March as the broad market registered a market correction, registering an 11% drop before recovering about half the value lost. As we continue to offer coverage particularly for those new to the ZSE, we thought a list of essential resources for those who want to be astute investors would be appropriate. This list is meant to introduce people to some resources (free ones at that) which can help you understand the markets better. Adopt one or all of them and enjoy the benefits.

Morgan and Co App

Morgan and Company is a registered stockbroker and their app, available for both Android and iOS devices is a great resource to possess. Registration for the app is free but the value you receive is quite simply invaluable. Daily Price sheets (the best price sheet in town given how it visually represents price movements), market intelligence reports, financial results summaries, economic analysis and historical archives of all of these reports are available for free through the app.

ZSE Equity

The starting point is the ZSE website which is a comprehensive collection of official communications from the companies listed on the ZSE and the ZSE itself. You will find amongst other things a list of all companies that open up to their dedicated pages where you will find information including financial reports, trading updates, cautionary statements and notices or disclosures coming from the companies. You’ll also get important updates from the ZSE if there is any vital information the market requires.

Piggybank advisor podcast

Piggy Bank advisor is a website that focuses on finance and investment issues. They have a great website with many great articles and think pieces that focus on the ZSE. Even better than that they produce a daily podcast that covers market activity with some valuable insight into moves on the market. With bite-sized podcast episodes ranging between 3 and 7 minutes, this is probably the best summary and market commentary you can find in audio format.


If you’re more of the reading type than listening to audio FinX provides a great market commentary service via email. FinX captures a lot of information behind or relating t the market movements. You can expect accurate daily summaries of the market movement with insight into the news behind the moves. You can sign up for FinX email updates via


The platform you access the ZSE will depend on what exactly you are looking for. However, there are uses for the platforms beyond placing buy and sell orders. You have your choice between a registered stockbroker, the ZSE direct website or Ctrade (website, android, iOS and USSD). The various platforms have their advantages which come in the form of market information or market data. The online models provide easy access to market data while brokers can give you valuable market insights.

African Financials

African Financials is a website that contains data on African stock exchanges and publicly traded companies. The website has deep data for all companies on the ZSE and also aggregates news and updates related to those companies. The information is displayed in a visually digestible format that makes it simple to understand for even the greenest of eyes when it comes to investing. Data is updated daily and so are the updates. Useful information such as the YTD gain and trading highlights are also available via the website.

Mari Podcast

The Mari podcast is a great resource for all matters of personal finance that provides in-depth practical discussions about issues from the Zimbabwean perspective. The Mari Podcast has undertaken a few initiatives to help people understanding investing in the ZSE better including an initiative to introduce more women, retail investors, to the market in March, International Women’s Month. The presentation format is great for beginners and people with some experience.


I really had to think hard about including this on the list. While to many it may come off as a shameless self-plug I found two great reasons to justify including Startupbiz on this list. Firstly, it’s possible that you are not reading this article on the Startupbiz website or any Startupbiz related platform. Secondly, if you appreciate this list of resources you might also be interested in more of the same content that Startupbiz does provide. We even created a section that is dedicated to the ZSE. You will find articles with explainers, insights and some times, stock picks.

With this list of resources in your arsenal, you will find yourself a more aware and perhaps more astute investor. Even those who are absolutely new to the market will gain a lot from the resources listed here.