The pandemic has brought in the proliferation of eCommerce enterprises all across the world. Zimbabwe that used to lag in this domain is catching up quite well. One of the biggest catalysts to the eCommerce revolution in Zimbabwe is the diaspora. Any enterprise that is to establish itself in Zimbabwean eCommerce must not forget the diaspora. With the number of Zimbabweans in the diaspora ranging between 3 million and 7 million, that is a huge market. Some people are tapping into that demographic by building enterprises that cater for that market. In this article, I look at one of such enterprises that are specifically focusing on the UK to Zimbabwe.

An Overview Of CourierIt2Me

CourierIt2Me is a logistics company that offers cargo services from the UK to Zimbabwe. It was started in February 2021 when they had seen a need regarding people looking to order and ship goods from the UK to Zimbabwe. Thus they came in to offer a competitively priced service to such clients. Their target market is the middle class – young men and women aged between 25 and 45 years. Their team is comprised of 4 individuals responsible for sales, marketing, and deliveries. They are open for business and investment partnerships if you are interested. You can familiarize yourself with their brand more by visiting their website here.

What Is CourierIt2Me All About?

They provide personal shopping services for men, women, and kids. You can register on their website by entering your username, full name, email address, home address, mobile number and password of your choice. Their airfreight service is US$13 per kilogram. The minimum order weight is 3 kilograms. Delivery takes up to 14 days (though 3 to 5 days is typical) and they do ship to other towns other than Harare. However, if you want the goods shipped to other towns there will be an extra fee. Their UK contact is +447846165389 so your loved ones or someone in the UK can contact them directly. They deliver cargo from the UK to Zimbabwe weekly.

If you visit their Instagram page you can get a feel of the kind of items they ship. However, what one can buy to be shipped to Zimbabwe is not limited to what you find there. It can be anything spanning from men’s wear to women’s wear and kidswear.

They offer convenience for scenarios where online shops will not ship to your location. CourierIt2Me can provide you with a local UK address to use for the delivery of your items. By registering on their website you can get a free delivery address. For more information, any queries or concerns you can email on You can also engage them via their Instagram page. Alternatively, you can also call on +263 775623548 or WhatsApp on +263715483711.

So that is about it for CourierIt2Me. If you are looking to get some goods shipped from the UK to Zimbabwe they are your plug. If you have loved ones in the diaspora the next time they want to ship stuff to you back here, tell them about CourierIt2Me.