We at Startupbiz are big on letting you know about cutting edge Zimbabwean startups. If we see a Zimbabwean enterprise that has a unique value proposition and is highly professional we publicize it. The thrust is two-pronged namely, to boost its brand awareness and to also inspire your entrepreneurial spirit. People the world over and even in Zimbabwe are increasingly becoming health-conscious. They now take keen considerations in choosing what they eat. This has created and continues to create a heightened need for healthy foods. Health food startups are stepping in to cater for that market. One such Zimbabwean food startup is Hutano Foods.

Who Is Hutano Foods?

Hutano Foods is a Zimbabwean health foods startup that makes delicious, nutritious, and easy to enjoy foods. They specialise focus on snacks, breakfast cereals, and porridges that harness the power of local Zimbabwean ingredients. These are indigenous Zimbabwean delicacies such as millet, sorghum, marula (mapfura), round nuts (nyimo), baobab fruits (mauuyu), mangongo nuts, and several more.

Their supply chain for ingredients is comprised of 300+ small scale farmers and wild harvesters countrywide. This is an exceptional value chain that benefits countless Zimbabweans. There is income generation, employment creation, and a host of other metrics that boost livelihoods.

Product Range

They have a wide range of healthy foods that you can choose from. Some of them are as follows:

Breakfast Cereals

They have excellent breakfast cereals. They have popped amaranth, which is like very tiny popcorn – it is gluten-free. They have forest nut clusters which are also gluten-free. They also have forest muesli (i.e. wild fruits and nuts).

Amaranth Squares

These are well-suited as a snack and even for brisk breakfasts. They are gluten-free as well. Essentially they come in 4 flavours namely, plain, dark chocolate, dark chocolate (with wild nuts), and coconut (with white chocolate, coconut, and wild nuts). They are a good source of proteins, fibre, and calcium.

Granola Squares

These come in several varieties. There is granola square orange and dark chocolate. There is granola square gingerbread.

Gourmet Biscuits

Then there are gourmet biscuits which come in different assortments. There are wild nut biscotti which are buttery and loaded with crunchy wild nuts. Then there are choc chip cookies – loaded with dark chocolate and wild nuts.

Might Meal Instant Porridge

This is made from 100 per cent Zimbabwean-grown ingredients. These are sorghum, round nuts (nyimo), groundnuts (nzungu), and baobab fruit powder. It is the ONLY instant porridge wholly made in Zimbabwe and from Zimbabwean ingredients. It is Ministry of Health-approved – even exceeds the expected standards. It is packed with nutrients namely, Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, and D3), Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. This is a perfect product for school-going children – but it is suitable for all age groups. It can be prepared by adding either hot or cold water.

Other Products

They also have the Hutano Resurrection Bush Tea. Resurrection bush twigs are wild harvested from Zimbabwe’s kopjes. This is a herbal tea that is packed with antioxidants. They also make Nice Ice freezits. They have what they call Popso – this is popped sorghum. It comes in 4 flavours namely, lightly salted, caramel, chilli fire, and cinnamon sugar.

Where You Can Buy Hutano Foods Products

There are many places from which you can buy them. There is Pomona Farmers Market, Bread Co Arundel. You can go to Juniper Borrowdale, Kava Market opposite St Johns. There is Food Lovers Market Greendale, Borrowdale. You can go to Thrive Zimbabwe, Borrowdale Brooke shops. There is TM Pick n Pay in Borrowdale, Avondale, Westgate, Msasa, Bradfield, and Ascott. The other option is Spar in Sam Levy, Ballantyne, Groombridge Athienitis, and Letombo.

You can familiarize yourself with the Hutano Foods brands via their website. You can also contact them via their mobile number +263 772 158 313. You can also visit Hutano Foods at 48 Harvey Brown Road, Milton Park, Harare. ‘Hutano’ is Shona for ‘health’ and true to that name, Hutano Foods is a Zimbabwean health foods brand you can trust.