I recall some time in 2019 I highlighted the importance of emulating business models of some global enterprises. I mentioned how that it could be a lucrative venture to have our own Zimbabwean versions of Facebook and the like. Few years down the line I am glad to see that now materializing. A Zimbabwean social media network or platform called Dandaro Online was recently unveiled. This is undoubtedly going to be a game-changer for social media usage in Zimbabwe. In this article, I shall be unveiling Dandaro Online for you and what you can expect from it. Dandaro Online is a social media platform – just like what Facebook is, but more. It is a one-stop social media platform for Zimbabweans where they can interact and share information.

How Do You Sign Up?

For you to sign up there are two options namely the web app or the mobile app. To access the web app you can click here and from there you will follow the respective prompts to sign up. The second option is to download the mobile app which is available on the app stores. Upon downloading you will still have to sign up for you to start. However, if you signed up using the web app you will simply have to log in. Once you have done that you are good to go.

What Can You Expect From The Platform?

The platform allows you to make a general post just like you would on Facebook. There is also an option to make a post in the form of a poll – this can be great for business surveys. You can also make a post in the form of a discussion where you pick a topic, give a description and people can contribute. There is another option of making a post in the form of a question. Another great feature is that you can also post blogs on the platform. You even have the option of attaching videos and files on the blog. There is of course an option to share any post you make or other people’s posts.

You can attach media such as images, gifs, and videos to any general post. Even better Dandaro Online allows you to attach files when you post – something Facebook does not even allow. There is also an option to follow a post which is a unique feature. You can follow other users and you can direct message them too. You can set up a profile and you can link up to your other social media accounts on it. These are some of the main features you can expect to use on the platform. Dandaro Online is a simple yet useful social media platform that is easy to use. I have been using it daily for about 2 or so weeks now. At times I use the web app and at times I use the mobile app – the experience is just the same.

Prizes And Giveaways Currently Underway

In a bid to get the platform abuzz they are currently doing weekly giveaways. At the time of writing this article, they are in week 2 of an 8-week long weekly giveaway. Every week someone gets to win US$50 in the various draws or challenges they will be rolling out. There will also be lots more prizes up for grabs such as a microwave, meal vouchers and a holiday voucher, just to mention a few. So this should be alluring enough for you to get involved. Past the prospects of winning, do bear in mind that we must advance this platform. Home-grown solutions are always a great fit for Zimbabwe and everyone stands to benefit here.

The Prospects Are Too Good To Ignore

Dandaro Online provides a rare opportunity to be on a social media platform specifically tailored for Zimbabweans. Imagine how targeting (for business marketing) would be like once the platform has grown substantially. Imagine the data that will eventually be drawn over time from activity on the platform. This will be central to coming up with valuable insights regarding social media usage in Zimbabwe. The success of a social media platform, just like cryptocurrency, lies in its network effect. The more people use it the more its value grows and it is you the user who stands to benefit immensely.

This is a great opportunity to be part of the start of something big. I personally believe and am confident that Dandaro Online will redefine social media in Zimbabwe. So sign up and start engaging others on the platform and do not forget to spread the word. You can email for more information or any enquiries using contact@dandaro.co.uk. You can get in touch on mobile using +27 71 026 1453. Dandaro Online can also be contacted via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.