What is StartupBiz Stocks Group

A Whatsapp group for investors who are buying  Zimbabwe Stock Exchange stocks via CTrade.

What is CTrade

CTrade is the official online platform used for buying and selling shares on the ZSE. StartupBiz Zimbabwe is not affiliated in any way to CTrade.

How to open CTrade account and buy shares

Read https://startupbiz.co.zw/how-to-trade-zse-shares-online-using-c-trade/

How to join the StartupBiz Stocks Whatsapp group

To join our WhatsApp group, you should give us proof that you are already buying stocks via Ctrade.

Open a CTrade account and buy stocks worth at least RTGS $100. After buying shares you will receive what’s called a “Deal Advice Slip”  from CTrade via Email. Whatsapp us the PDF/picture of your Deal Advice slip (It should show your name, date and value of shares bought. You can mask out your physical address)

StartupBiz Whatsapp Number: +263778798072, WhatsApp Link: https://wa.me/263778798072

What if I face challenges when using CTrade

You can contact CTrade via the Live Chat on their website, or via Whatsapp (0737594405) or email (ctrade@escrowgroup.org).  You can also call on their toll free numbers Econet subscribers—08080277, Netone subscribers—08010077

Why Join StartupBiz Stocks Group

It’s a community of like minded investors where you get to discuss and share trading strategies, get advice from other investors, and be motivated to consistently invest in the stock market. Members are encouraged to share their trades with the group.

Is it free

Yes it’s free to join the WhatsApp Group. You will be expected to buy at least RTGS $100 worth of shares every month for you to continue being a member of the group.

Why Buy Stocks

The stock market is a way of Saving and Creating wealth over the long term. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. If you make the right decisions you will make money in the LONG term.

We believe the ZSE is an effective hedge against inflation (ie at the minimum, you will be able to maintain the value of your investment in USD terms even if the Zimbabwean dollar collapses)

We believe the ZSE is currently undervalued due to the state of the economy, and that it will eventually recover in the long run, and the value of the stocks will increase in USD terms.

Am I guaranteed to make money

Stock trading is risky, you may lose all of your money. We don’t provide any guarantees. We are just a community of investors – we don’t take any money from you.

How do I make money from stocks

Read https://startupbiz.co.zw/invest-zimbabwe-stock-exchange/

If you would like to be part of our community, WhatsApp us your Deal Advice Slip!

StartupBiz Whatsapp Number: +263778798072, WhatsApp Link: https://wa.me/263778798072

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