C-Trade is a platform that enables the buying and selling of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange shares online on a computer, smartphone or feature phone (kambudzi). It can be accessed through the website, mobile app or USSD. Below, we look at the steps in registering  and using C-Trade.



  1. Log onto the website ctrade.co.zw, you will immediately see the option that says Register. When you click Register, it should take you to the screen below.


  1. When you have entered your details, accept the terms and conditions and click next. The second screen will ask you for further personal details like your phone number and address.

  1. The third screen requires you to enter your banking details. These details are used whenever you are to receive a refund or other payments. You also select a Custodian from the available options.

  1. On the fourth screen, you click submit the registration details. This means you now have an account with C-Trade.

  1. After submitting details, you are immediately taken to the dashboard. On the dashboard, click Login . You then log in using your email address or what is called a CDS/ATP number. The CDS/ATP number would have been sent to your email when you submitted registration details in the previous step. Part of the log in needs your password and a One Time Pin (OTP) which will be sent to your email whenever you log in.


Depositing Money

1. You first need to click the deposit button in order to deposit money into your C-Trade wallet. You can use Ecocash, Telecash, One Money , Visa or Zimswitch to do so. The current minimum amount you can deposit is currently $10.


Buying shares

1. Click the Buy Order button and the following screen will pop up. On this screen you choose the company, quantity of shares, select a broker and after completing everything you click place an order. After selecting a broker, CTrade will show a notification of the minimum buy order for that specific broker. The minimum possible is shares worth $10.

2. You then wait for your order to be confirmed. This does not happen immediately however. After your order has been fulfilled you will receive Deal Advice Slip via email from Ctrade with the details of the transactions.

Selling Shares

The process of selling shares is more or less the same as buying shares. You click on sell order, and you fill the required details, then click on Place Order. After your order has been fulfilled you will receive Deal Advice Slip via email from Ctrade with the details of the transactions.

Withdrawing Money

You can withdraw money by clicking on the withdraw button, and entering the amount you want to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal is $10 and the money will be send to your bank account.

Ctrade also has stock price financial graphs which help you analyse the performance of stocks.

Mobile App

You can also sign up and trade using the C-Trade mobile App.

1.The first step is to download the C-Trade App from the play store. Open it, click on Profile, then click on “Don’t have an account? Register here”

2.You fill in your details on the Account Registration option which looks like this.

  1. Once you are registered you go to the dashboard, you then click the My Cash option to deposit money into your wallet. This will allow you to choose whichever payment platform you want to use to pay just like on the website.
  2. When you want to buy shares, on the dashboard, you click My Orders, Buy, then ZSE
  3. Fill the details of the shares you want to buy and then click post.

The Mobile App dashboard also has a Market Watch and an Analysis section which help you choose which shares you want to trade by giving you more information, graphs etc. You can also perform other function available on the web interface eg selling shares and withdrawing money.

USSD Registration

Please note that you can also register for C-Trade using a feature phone (kambudzi) by dialling *727# across all mobile networks. The required information is more or less the same.

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