We are now in 2020 and here is trusting that you have taken off already. Normally I would want to believe that you did your 2020 resolutions whilst we were in 2019. However, if you did not or had not done that then now is the perfect time to get that in order. This year wields enormous prospects for making it big but proper planning is an indispensable precursor to that. Anyways, the focus of this article is laying out and explaining some goal setting or planning tools that you can use in 2020. Remember that resolutions are mostly at a macro level and thus have to be broken down into smaller manageable goals. The aspects of being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound are key attributes that characterize potent goals.


Diaries come in many different formats so it is up to you to choose the one that encompasses all you need. Most diaries include daily planning (for instance, in terms of to-do items), and bookmarking dates and times amongst other things. Diaries play a critical role in helping you take note of and stick to timelines (the time-bound factor in a goal). If you are diligent enough to hold yourself to account through using a diary you will find yourself becoming more efficient and productive. So make sure you get a diary and stick to it intently, honestly and strictly. Do not be like those ones who get diaries and end up using them for other uses which defeat their core purposes, to begin with – most people are found wanting in this respect.


Let me give you a simple dictionary definition of what a journal is so that you get the picture. A journal is a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations. You can actually get a customized journal or you can get a notebook that you can dedicate to use as a journal. You must understand the premise of why it is important to have a journal. Your daily life is inundated by experiences and observations. These things happen so frequently that you cannot always commit everything to memory. Sometimes insights, visions, ideas and so on can dawn on you whilst busy going through your daily activities.

In order to not miss them, you must have a journal where you document everything. As a business person, you are constantly bombarded by relentless data streams as you conduct business daily. Things like customer behaviours, bottlenecks, weak links, and so on are some of the things you can observe and note down in a journal. This is an important element in your process of setting goals and subsequently seeing them through to fruition.

Mobile Or Software Apps

The two previous tools that I have discussed are physical tools but nonetheless very effective in as far as your goals are concerned. I am now talking about mobile or software apps that can serve as diaries, journals and even more. It really depends on what works best for you i.e. on a mobile device or on a desktop or laptop computer. There are simple tools that you can use on your computer such as sticky notes apps. This is when you can write your to-dos on sticky notes that float on your computer screen. On mobile, there are so many planning apps that you can use for your goals. You need only go onto the app stores and key in search options such as daily planner, diary, journal and the like.

Meditation And Affirmations

This tool is somewhat peculiar but I have decided to include it here because it is immensely important. It is an objective truth that thoughts are things i.e. anything that has ever happened, is happening or will happen starts off as a thought. Your imaginative power (a function of thought) is your creative ability. There is also another objective truth which literally says what you say is what you get – your words create your vital reality. Get this, the reason why I mentioned that they are objective truths is that they are true no matter whatthey are also true whether you believe them or not.

With all that said, the smart thing is to become deliberate about them. What do I mean by that? Imagine (in essence, meditate) on the things you want to achieve i.e. your goals. Then affirm what you want to see or happen – your expected ended after successfully achieving goals. By so doing you are capitalizing on the objective truths I alluded to earlier to your advantage. This tool is revolutionary I tell you – I use this tool every day of my life!

Vision Boards

This tool is somewhat connected to the previous one. Effective use of vision boards is premised on employing the previous tool – meditation and affirmations. What is a vision board? A vision board is a visual depiction of things you desire to achieve or attain that you use to create mental pictures in your mind. It enhances the process of meditation and subsequently makes it much easier to do affirmations with gusto. You have all the room to be as creative as you want when it comes to building your own vision board.

You can do it virtually (on your mobile or computer devices) or an actual physical board. Here is a simple example; you have an idea of the type of car you want to get, a house, business premises and so on. You can then look for pictures or images that look like or exactly like those things. You can stick them onto a board or create a photo collage of them. You then set aside times daily where you look at the vision board picturing yourself in possession of them. It is a tried and tested tool in terms of realising your goals.

Put these tools to use and your 2020 will be a perfect year of financial buoyancy and all-round success.