The best business to start is the one for which you have the best skills and experience match. Skills and experience don’t always come from the production or creation side of the business. Sometimes the skill could be a support service such as selling. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Selling is a skill just like any other and should be celebrated not shunned. So if your skill is in selling things and you’re looking for retail business ideas to go into we have a list of ideas that you give some consideration to.

Handmade and craft items

If you have selling skills this is a great retail business idea to look into. There is a lot of opportunity in handmade and craft items when you put the right items in front of the right people. With eCommerce and the world as a marketplace, those with the additional skills of selling online can find markets for handmade and craft items beyond the usual. Entire communities and corners of the internet have popped up to support handmade and craft items sellers.

Thrift store

This is the ideal business for a person with retail skills because it leverages selling skills like no other. Taking used or preloved items and finding new homes for them is an idea that works out well for everyone. You will find that it’s become really popular in terms of thrift clothing but secondhand books, furniture and other household items have been part of life for a very long time. You’ll find this area very interesting as there is no limit to what you can do once you get into the groove of things.

Food delivery

This is another awesome retail business idea that has great potential in the right hands. Great food is often hard to substitute and people who get a taste for great food want it available to them easily. You can offer opportunities for people who want this food to have it delivered to them. This arrangement is a win for all involved because it spreads the footprint of the food provider, increases accessibility to patrons and gives you a healthy brokerage fee. You can work with the food provider or work as an agent of your customers, there’s money to be made either or both ways.

Juice bar

I’m using the term juice bar loosely here. This is a business that sells juices and offers delivery. There are many options for juices but the healthy fruit and vegetable juices market is a good place to look. Smoothies fall into this conversation as well. The key is to understand the market and its needs. You can appeal to those looking to increase and vegetable intake. Others may be trying a juice diet. The occasional healthy drink here and there could be another reason people look to the product. A great idea would be to package these juices and sell them as packs of 6 or whichever number suits your target market.


Accessories exist in almost every market and this is what makes selling accessories a great retail business idea. The best part is that accessories can be started as a standalone business or added to a business already operating within an industry. You have your pick here. Look at cellphone accessories. Think sports, hobbies and many other activities. Fashion accessories are huge and that is likely an understatement. Accessories also tend to be low investment businesses, especially when compared to the industries they serve.

Vending machines

This one is a bit difficult for some people to get their minds around given the landscape of Zimbabwe. Vendors are a reality of life all around and pretty much the norm. If covid taught us something it’s that we can improve the way we do things. Vending machines are one way this could be done. Vending machines have the advantage of being allowed in buildings and on private property if an agreement can be found with the property owners/occupiers. This can create a powerful distribution network. It is costly but well worth it with the right product mix.

Retail is such an expansive area and there are many niches or subsegments you can find within the business ideas mentioned here.