Many books have power in the title that doesn’t necessarily mean the books will give you power or make you more powerful. There are however books that do contain lessons that will give you power. To ascertain we must, first of all, understand what power is. Power is in simple terms the ability to do something. Doesn’t matter what it is, power is the ability, skills and competence to carry out the desired action.

The compound effect by Darren Hardy

This book will give you power because it breaks down the structure of succeeding in many if not all pursuits; compounding! Hardy’s approach is practically littered with many real-life examples that make it easy to understand. Compounding is all about incremental growth and the importance of making small steps regularly and how they move you towards big goals in the long run.

Unf**k yourself by Gary John Bishop

This book will give you power because it will help you untangle your mind. We all have ideas of how life should be lived and they are largely based on what we have seen growing up. We aspire to what we are familiar with whether good, bad or more importantly incorrect. This book allows you to take a look at yourself and understand where you may be getting some things wrong.

48 laws of Power by Robert Greene

This book will give you power because it offers an understanding of 48 concrete laws of power. This is probably one of the darkest books you will ever read and it has led many to misunderstand the message behind Robert Greene’s most popular book. Greene helps us realise moments of power and how to behave in them. Power is attained by seizing moments and that’s what this book helps you to do.

The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book will give you power because it teaches you the importance of agreements you make with yourself. Don Miguel Ruiz speaks about 4 agreements you must make with yourself in the book but what I feel is the power in this book is the idea of agreements itself. You will always make agreements with yourself about how you will handle life, how you behave and how you approach things.

How to win friends influence people by Dale Carnegie

This book will give you power because your relationships are your best asset. It doesn’t matter what you do, how you relate to people will determine how much ease or hostility you experience when trying to get something done. The better you relate to people the more they like you and you can’t put a value on that. The power of this book is that it teaches you to focus on people and how they want or deserve to be treated rather than focusing on yourself and your desires.

Influence by Robert Cialdini

This book will give you power because it will help you understand the psychology of persuasion. And that’s what many people miss, that there is a psychology to persuasion. Especially in the modern world with its hacks and tricks, we don’t recognise that the hacks are rooted in psychology. However, hacks are limited because they are only tools which capture one aspect while a book like Influence captures the core principles. This book collects great anecdotal recollections from the scientific study so it is easily understood by the academic and those who are not from the academic world.

Deep Work by Cal Newport

This book will give you power because it will help you understand the nature of work. Those who have tried to get businesses off the ground or worked in small business settings will understand how you can be stretched at times in these businesses. Trying to work on a report while conversing with customers and colleagues is difficult, to say the least. This type of work, that involves massive effort and little collaboration is what Newport calls deep work and this book will teach you to identify it and how to excel at it.

10X Rule by Grant Cardone

This book will give power because it teaches you to focus on the goal. Grant Cardone is a colourful character who resonates with many people. The 10X Rule is a reminder that when things get tough we have been taught the wrong thing. We are taught to downgrade the goal but what we should be doing is increasing the effort we put in. While it is not the only difference between success and failure as the book suggests in its subtitle it certainly is an important factor

7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

This book will give you power because mastery of self is power. You’ll notice most books on this are inward-looking and that’s how it should be. The real power comes from within and this book takes it a step further. Being effective is broken down into private leadership and public leadership, one must master both to succeed. Understanding this and committing to continuously improving yourself is the stuff that power is made of.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book will give power because your habits define your life. James Clear collects some of the greatest knowledge on habits and how we view them. Getting your habits right is power. Life is all about habits. Success and equally so failure is the total of your habits. Understanding the structure of habits is power. The different types of habits and how to work with them. Creating good habits, breaking habits and everything in between is what you will find in this book.

Your Journal by You

There’s a discussion that never ends about which is better reading books or applying what’s in the books. I wonder when the two became mutually exclusive? There should be no separation between the two at all and one of the best ways to bring the two together is through journaling. By keeping track of what you do, learn and need to learn you become the writer of your own growth story. Now that’s power!