I know there are motorists in Zimbabwe that currently owe in terms of ZINARA license arrears. You would be glad to know that you have just been given a lifeline. The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is currently underway. ZINARA has decided to use that platform to offer you a chance to clear your outstanding license arrears. You will be able to do this without paying any penalties. However, this offer is for a limited time only – it is valid until the 30th of April 2022. You can go ahead right now and visit any ZINARA offices or ZINARA agents. This offer is this year’s ZITF promotion that ZINARA runs every year.

Remarks By The ZINARA Public Relations And Marketing Manager

Mr Tendai Mugabe, the ZINARA Public Relations and Marketing Manager recently said the following:

We want to encourage motorists who have arrears to take advantage of this window period to regularise their vehicle licensing at ZINARA offices or that of our licensing agents countrywide. We have the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 launched by President Mnangagwa that we are funding together with Treasury. As ZINARA, we salute all motorists who are paying their vehicle licenses because this has enabled us to make timely disbursements to road authorities. We are also appealing to road authorities to expedite their acquittal processes to accelerate the refurbishment of our road network.”

As you can see the thrust of ZINARA is to push for more funds to become available for the road rehabilitation programme. Offering penalty-free arrears payments is expected to see many motorists clearing their arrears. This will subsequently position them better to keep their payments up to date moving forward. ZINARA has also indicated that they will be issuing tollgate fee exemption. This will be extended to motorists who are up to date in their licensing payments during the ZITF.

Road Rehabilitation 2022 Overview

The Zimbabwean government has some targets in place for 2022. They want to rehabilitate and reconstruct about 840 kilometres of surfaced roads. They also want to re-gravel around 8340 kilometres of roads. As for re-grading, they are targeting 17093 kilometres. Then they want to reseal 1290 kilometres of road networks. Since January, ZINARA has disbursed over ZWL$5 billion towards road rehabilitation.

Tollgate Fees In Zimbabwe Dollars Were Reviewed Upwards – Effective April 4th 2022

Another recent ZINARA update was that of tollgate fees. They reviewed the Zimbabwe dollar tollgate fees upwards to:

Light Motor Vehicles – ZWL$300 (from ZWL$220)

Minibuses – ZWL$450 (from ZWL$330)

Buses – ZWL$600 (from ZWL$440)

The US dollar tollgate prices remained unchanged.

So do not forget, if you are a motorist and have got license arrears, now is the time. You have up until the 30th of April 2022 to go clear them, penalty-free. On the road rehabilitation front, it does seem there is good progress. It has of course been disturbing how slow the pace has been in most cases, especially the major highways e.g. Masvingo to Beitbridge. There have also been concerns about some of the road rehabilitation being rushed and substandard. Misuse of funds or availing of inadequate funds has also been cited as a challenge in some cases. Let us see how things unfold as we navigate our way through 2022.