It’s not an understatement to say that hair is big business. Natural hair is a really big movement and it just so happens to have many people following it who do not mind parting with a little more money than most for the right product. Treated hair has been with us for a very long time and you can rest assured that the market segment isn’t going anywhere. Artificial hair and extensions are both as topical and popular as ever with hair enthusiasts. Don’t forget the beards while you’re there, that’s hair too.

Organic hair care products

Haircare is not new but what is emerging is the disdain for products that are not formulated specifically for our hair types or products that contain chemicals that may be harmful. As such a movement like the organic movement has also found its way into hair care products. There is a massive opportunity in the organic hair products space. I mentioned earlier that we shouldn’t forget beards as they are hair too and that is certainly an underserved market locally when it comes to organic products.  Think of anything from shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, removers, dye and oils.


There are many people with many differing opinions on the issue of artificial hair and hair extensions. I prefer to focus on the opinions of those who are willing to spend money on them and that’s a huge crowd. Brazilian, Peruvian, Venezuelan and whatever other nationality you can think of are a really big deal in hair circles. While this is an established industry I’d say there’s a lot of space in it for new entrants.

Hair tools

All this hair whether natural, artificial, treated or facial needs different tools in the process of caring for it. Combs, clippers, driers and all sorts of tools. As with all things personal care you will find that those who buy these things place great value on them and will usually be willing to pay extra to find the right thing.


To go along with the tools are hair accessories. The market is quite wide hear and it ranges from generic items which don’t command a high price at all to custom made items that may cost a pretty penny. Think of the humble Alice band but with a custom and colourful Africa inspired cloth finish. There’s a lot that could be done in this space.


There are, of course, hair businesses practising eCommerce. However, I’m yet to encounter a single hair eCommerce aggregator in Zimbabwe. Even if there is one the fact that I haven’t come across them (despite being bald) is the sign that there is space in Zimbabwe for a hair focused eCommerce store. You can sell anything from care products, hair, accessories and tools in one place.


By now the idea of blogs and vlogs that focus exclusively on matters of hair should be familiar to everyone. One focused on Zimbabwe would be good for the reason of adaptation. Watching videos by creatives from places like America or Europe is all fun and games until you realise the products they use, even the simplest of them are not available locally. That’s where the local blogger/vlogger comes in and saves the day. You can read this article on ways to monetize blogs and vlogs.

Hair consultant

Some people are perfectly happy doing their hair at home with their resources. What they might lack is the know-how to do professional-level jobs on their hair. If you have experience with doing people’s hair then how about turning those annoying requests on how to do this or that into a whole business? That’s precisely what the hair consultant does!

Hair show/expo

Hair shows and expos have been held in Zimbabwe with varying degrees of success recorded. However, these events have been flash in the pan occurrences without continuity that the Zimbabwean audience deserves. This makes it a good opportunity for those in the hair industry to come together and build the hair shows and expos that Zimbabweans hunger for.

Hair school

Finally, if you have a skill you can always teach it. Teaching others is firstly a good source of income. Remember you are teaching a skill that will produce money in the future and you should price according to the opportunity, not the circumstances to make it worth your while.

You can look at other ways of combining these ideas to create stronger businesses out of them, As always these ideas can be added to existing businesses or started as standalone businesses.