It has become clear that most Zimbabweans are looking to send or receive US dollars within Zimbabwe. This stems from how stable the US dollar is compared to the local currency. This has given rise to many money transfer service providers. The question then becomes, which is the most effective service provider to choose? In this article, I shall share with you some of the options you can consider local sending and receiving US dollars.


This could be the best option you can go for right now. To send money you are charged only 2 per cent. You get to do this by using the BFF feature on the InnBucks menu – either via the mobile app or USSD code. To send or receive you must be registered on InnBucks. Registering is simple you just dial *569# if you are using an Econet number (only Econet for now). Alternatively, you can just download the mobile app and register via it. To deposit and withdraw US dollars you just have to visit any Simbisa Brands till points e.g. Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Baker’s Inn, and Creamy Inn.


Mukuru is widely used in Zimbabwe and could well be the most used money transfer service for US dollars. Interestingly, Mukuru is a bit steep in terms of the charges and many people attest to that. For instance, to send US$100 the charge is US$8 – that is 8 per cent. So for sending money within Zimbabwe it seems like Mukuru gets outdone by other service providers who charge much less.

World Remit

World Remit is also another option and is unique in its flexible options. The most common one is the cash pickup. Then there is also the option to receive the money via mobile money. The other option is that of receiving it directly into your bank account via a bank transfer. As for sending US dollars within Zimbabwe using World Remit, it seems not that many people do so. I recall recently a buddy of mine was complaining about the steep charges.

City Hopper

This is a BancABC facility and also charges 3 per cent to send US dollars. It is a local remittance service that allows customers to send foreign currency within Zimbabwe. This service is available in all BancABC branches and selected TM Pick N Pay outlets. The minimum amount to send is US$10 and the maximum amount is US$500. Address, phone number, and ID are needed for one to send the money. The reference number and ID are what is needed for the receiver to collect the money.

One Money Remit

This one was recently unveiled by NetOne and allows you to send and collect US dollars locally. To send you charged 3 per cent and the recipient collects the full amount. To collect you do so via the *111# menu where you choose option 3 – Cash Pick Up. Then you select option 1 which is Domestic Remittance then you continue following the prompts. You also have the option to choose either US dollars or Rands.

Mojo Mula

This is a money transfer option that works with partner supermarkets. Their partnering supermarkets are OK, OK Mart, and Bon Marche. Therein is where you will find Mojo Mula agents. All you need is an ID for depositing or withdrawing money. For the collection of money, you simply go to any of the aforementioned supermarkets. You can send a minimum of US$10. For more information, you can go to their website.


MyRunner is into a lot of things namely, transport services, courier services, and money sending services. If you want to send payments, airtime, or cash anywhere in Zimbabwe, South Africa or just anywhere myRunner is there for you. You can contact them on +263772906129 or check out their website for more details.

These are 7 of some of the money sending options you can use within Zimbabwe to send US dollars. I guess the one to settle for might vary from context to context. I have used InnBucks several times and it is quite convenient. I have also used Mukuru and World Remit though their charges are a bit steep. Overall, if I am to recommend the best one on my list I would pick InnBucks. It comes with some unique attributes no other money sending service has. For instance, all you need is your phone to collect your US cash, 2 per cent charge is competitively low in comparison to the other options and large network of Simbisa outlets.