“It’s a man world” sang James Brown. He also went on to sing “but it’s nothing without a woman in it and rightly so. 52% of the Zimbabwean population are women, this means business ideas geared towards the needs of women present a huge opportunity. Zimbabwe is in an uncomfortable place regarding the exonomy and standards of living and people have problems that they need addressed. Let’s look at some business ideas targeting women.

Fitness studio

Fitness services are in demand with both genders of course. However women sometimes find themselves in need of more welcoming environments. There have been cases ranging from women simply feeling unconfortable working out in the presence of men to the outright vile cases such a recent case in South Africa where a man was caught indecently exposing himself among other things to women in a gym. A female only fitness studio is not a new idea but one women would certainly be happy with a lot more of.

Makeup services

The cosmetics industry is huge. Millions perhaps billions are spent on make up annually. The changes to excise duty rules that require duty of  make up  to be paid in foreign currrncy would obviously made it more difficult to acquire make up from abroad. That’s your opportunity to come in as a supplier. The opportunity isn’t limited to reselling as the application of the makeup for special occasions and the tuition of make up application are great opportunities in themselves.

Beauty/ Skin care

Beauty and skin care, believe it or not, are in a completely different world to make up. While the two obviously compliment each they are two distinct industries that can be counted on their own as being billion dollar industries. This is a great area to focus on with the natural products revolution having established a whole new niche. While controversial skin lightening and whitening are also big money makers.

Feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene is a vast terrain. From simple issues such as sanitary to more complex issues. There are challenges with acces to sanitary wear in Zimbabwe. Reusable options have popped up on the market. In addition to there there are other items that are desirable specifically to women. Zimbabwe being what it is finding these may prove hard, paying for them even harder. If you can work out a way to simplify the process you stand to create a viable business.

Pre and Antenatal products

Pregnancy and all that comes with it mean great business opportunities. If things are tough in the Zimbabwean economy spare a thought for those expecting children. This is a huge area to operate as there are both pre and post natal goods and services to provide.


Homes are still the biggest investments people make, in terms of furnishing them. A business that caters to the small homewares is still a great idea. Perhaps even more so with the degree of economic power women are realizing. There are so many options here as you can provide things like kitchen ware, Tupperware, cleaning accessories and many more.

Hair and accessories

Hair is another billion dollar business worldwide. Recent shifts towards embracing natural African hair open up another segment in a already huge market. Hair care, hair growth, artificial hair, hair accessories and hair dressing are some of the opportunities available in this. Because the market is so vast niching is the best approach, going deeper into a specific group will give you better rewards.

Not all these ideas are new but they certainly offer great potential with the right execution.