These past weeks I was closely involved in the planning and logistics of a huge event whose target attendance was 10 000 people. I learnt quite a lot of things which have really opened my eyes to many enterprising business ideas. The truth is that the holding of events locally is a common feature. Virtually every week is characterised by wide-ranging types and sizes of events held across the country. The successful hosting of any event entails the putting together of many things which ofttimes need to be sourced from somewhere. Actually, since 2017 I’ve been so inspired to explore entry into the events hire services business because I’ve seen the huge potential to make money therein. So herein I’m discussing some business ideas in this regard

Stage Platforms

I’ve often seen most event organizers struggling to find top-notch stage platforms for their events. Not to sound a particular way but most of you recall a certain event where a high-profile politician’s speech was disrupted when the stage platform he was on collapsed. Incidents like that possibly occur due to the lack of proper and robust stage platforms. I’ve been seriously considering an entry into this niche because it’s really in demand. I would also urge you to explore this business idea because I believe it’s well worth it.

Mobile Toilets

This is quite strategic for most outdoor events that get to be held at venues that don’t have functional toilets. I’ve noticed that few service providers offer mobile toilets services. In some cases, you’ll realize that people end up hiring them from service providers such as Nyaradzo Funeral Services (for non-funeral events). This means we need more players in the provision of mobile toilets.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Obviously, the most sought-after event services tend to be public address (PA) systems. However, it’s more expedient to amalgamate that with visual equipment also so as to guarantee consistent video and sound for an event. I recall in 2017 I attended a huge event in Harare where the sound system had to be hired from SA. I won’t take away anything from that system because it had outstanding quality. It just got me thinking why locally we don’t have such big and high-quality audio-visual systems. Honestly, I was inspired to explore this business idea in due course; I encourage you to also. Most event organizers are very concerned about sound quality so investing in top of the range audio-visual equipment for hire is a worthy endeavour.

Backup Generators

A considerable number of events get to be held at locations that either have no electricity or are too far from electricity. The most common occurrence these days though is the incessant load shedding. This means most outdoor events would need a generator in the range of say, 10 kilovolts to 40 kilovolts. At times generators that big for event hire aren’t always easily and readily available so getting one for that can make you lots of money.

Wedding Apparel

Not all people choose to outright purchase apparel to be used for wedding ceremonies. I’m talking about things like wedding gowns, bridal dresses, men’s suits and so on. Some people prefer to hire such apparel as that can be somewhat cheaper. So you won’t go wrong by establishing a business to hire out such apparel.


Vehicle hire for events is needed in most cases. Weddings can even require vehicles from fancy cars for the bride and groom to buses for the actual ferrying of the wedding attendees. In general, big events usually require a car, kombi and bus hire for the transportation of people. You can package a business that focuses on providing such services. Here’s what I’ve noticed, most of the times people have to hire vehicles from several service providers because it’s usually not possible to find a one-stop service provider. I’m saying that to hint you on a unique value proposition to make you lure more clients by offering all needed vehicle hire services in one place.

Outdoor Equipment

There are a lot of outdoor items needed for setting up outdoor event venues. Some of the most common ones are tents, tables and chairs. I highlighted earlier that I was recently involved in an event that required 10 000+ chairs. You have no idea how hard it was to find them because it wasn’t possible to find just one supplier who could cater for that whole number. I’ve even noticed people hiring Nyaradzo Funeral Services tents for non-funeral events. It means there’s still a huge gap for more people to enter the business of offering for hire equipment like tables, chairs and tents.

Décor Material

Most events require some form of décor for instance wedding or church events. Décor can be needed for the stage, chairs and the general expanse of the whole venue for the event. The provision of décor material is definitely a strategic niche through which money can be made. Successful players in this regard end up having their décor material and their décor teams being hired to decorate at events. I know of one guy who makes a living full-time from this business idea.

Venue Hire

Then we also have just the offering of a venue for hire. It can just be an open space or a building. Some even construct spaces or buildings that are exclusively themed for particular events e.g. weddings, theatres, galleries and so on.

There you have it, 9 business ideas dealing with hiring services for events. You can never go wrong on these business ideas because all of them are highly sought-after. Remember to never make assumptions as I emphasized; take time to do your homework before starting out any of these businesses.