Zimbabwe is an interesting country laden with so many opportunities. The country is indeed riddled with all sorts of challenges. I like to think that it is an excellent basis for entrepreneurship to boom. Come to think of it, the hallmark of entrepreneurship is identifying a human need and addressing it in a monetizable way. Such human needs disguise themselves as just general challenges. Sometimes people normalize challenges without even thinking that they are opportunities. The ever-changing landscape in Zimbabwe is a perfect ground for an unending stream of opportunities. Herein I shall be looking at some businesses locally that one can start as soon as tomorrow.

First Off, Some Assumptions…

The businesses I shall be dealing with in here are premised on some assumptions. These are businesses that have low barriers to entry and bring in money quick. There might be certain initial startup requirements e.g. land, skills, capital and the like. However, the working assumption is you have or can access them without any hassles. Overall, we are talking about businesses that you can set up immediately in a short time with little effort. Given those assumptions, there are many businesses you can start tomorrow locally.

WhatsApp Online Learning

I recently attended a Digital Marketing Master Class that was a month-long in May. It was done wholly online using just WhatsApp. The learning material and actual lessons were delivered using slides, audio messages and video clips shareable on WhatsApp. I received certification after that and the fee I paid for that program was very affordable. Here is what is interesting; I recall at the time that several other full WhatsApp groups were taking the same program.

The facilitator of that Master Class is doing it every month. When I did some projections at the time I realized that the facilitator is making at least ZWL$250 000 per month through that. There are so many of you out there who have something that they are good at and can teach online using WhatsApp. This is a business idea worth taking a shot at, you will thank me later.

Farm Produce Sourcing And Selling

There are so many things that one can source and buy in the farming space. You probably can be a farmer already and that makes it easier. However, you do not necessarily need to be a farmer per se. You need only figure where and how you can cheaply and sustainably source farm produce and sell it elsewhere. Food is a basic human need and there are so many market gaps that you can take advantage of. Examples of crops that you can focus on are horticulture ones e.g. cabbages, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, just to mention a few. Grain crops such as maize are also a good fit. The idea is to simply identify gaps and fill them. It is all about making certain tweaks to make a profit. For instance, you can source crates of tomatoes and repackage them to sell them as small sets. This is what street vendors normally do and is quite profitable. You can streamline the approach and make it more commercial.

Virtual Assistance Services

Many of you possess certain skillsets. You are probably not going to work or out of a job yet you have an essential skillset. You could be a mechanic, electrician, plumber, writer, academic, and so on. Instead of just complaining about how tough things are you can commercialize your skillset. Advertise yourself on the internet or at the very least on social media (WhatsApp for example). Do that after coming up with a simple business structure. A simple Facebook page is enough to get clients looking for your services. If you feel Facebook is a long shot try WhatsApp; you will be amazed. There is no limit as to who can do this – I believe everyone has something that they are skilled in.

Network Marketing Of Selected Products

This is subject to lots of speculation and controversy but lots of people are recommending it. The range of products and brands to choose from are so many. Some of them are Avon, Longrich, and Super Life – so your choice depends on what you think will move faster within your circle. It is important to engage in this type of business if you have ascertained that it is legitimate and that you have a guaranteed market. The good thing is that you can start any of these network marketing businesses with very small amounts of money.

Sourcing And Selling Bhero Clothes

If you can access mabhero (bales) of clothes you can make some good money. From the little I have heard about the business model, it is quite possible to realize even a 500% profit on just one bale. If you cannot afford to source a full bale yourself you can share with someone or more. The success of the business will depend on how enterprising you are. Even with lockdown restrictions, you can still run this business from your home. It is worth a shot.

These are 5 businesses that you can start tomorrow here in Zimbabwe if you wanted to. You can even borrow capital to start some of these businesses though it is prudent to avoid interest-bearing borrowing for something new. Some of them do not even need that much money to start. I would encourage you to give them a try and see how you fare.  I would also advise you to engage those who are successfully doing them to learn some things.