Success is ideal for all of us. It may be in a job, business, investment or other pursuits. We all want the same thing, to do our best and hope that our best lands us above average rewards. Even better if we can get to those above-average rewards quicker. It is possible to accelerate the process of succeeding if we so desire to. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds or some silver bullet. Accelerating your success is extremely demanding and asks you to change the way you view life and approach things. Here are 6 great tips to help you accelerate your success.

Make decisions quick

There are no rewards in life for taking longer to make a decision. While rushing and not gathering all the necessary information can lead to making the wrong decision allowing more time alone does not in any way guarantee you will make the right decision. Sitting on a decision for days and days will not improve the quality of the decision. It was found that successful managers simply tended to make decisions faster than low performing managers. Being decisive gives you a head start and a chance to test whether you have made the right decision or not.

Change courses quickly

If and when you do find that you have made the wrong decision you will find yourself at a crossroads if you will. It has been suggested that successful people tend to quickly accept that they have made the wrong decision and cut their losses. While it is a tendency of those less successful to spend more time and effort trying to support their incorrect decision. In my experience, the former is the way to go and it will certainly improve you as a person.

Daily actions

Another thing I’ve observed that has accelerated my progression towards success in different things is daily action. Success, like failure for that matter, is the result of the accumulation and compounding of many small actions that come together. Believing your success will come in one dramatic moment or with sporadic application to your goals could be what’s holding you back from success in the first place. You eat an elephant one bite at a time, so even your dream empire should be built one brick at a time.

Ask the right questions

Essentially life is an exercise in answering questions. The question of existence itself but also smaller questions. However, all questions are not created equal. There are good quality questions and there are questions of lesser quality. “How will I spend the next 2 hours” is clearly a lower quality question than “what can I do in the next two hours to move closer to my goals” of course. You can read this article on the quality of questions we ask ourselves to get better clarity on the matter but it is a fact that asking yourself better questions demands better answers and accelerates your success.

Work in your circle of Influence

Hardly anybody has the perfect set of circumstances handed to them. While it is natural if not popular to bemoan our circumstances it does very little to change them. In fact, the most admirable of success stories tell tales of triumphing despite and not because of circumstances. While you could ask for a better year, country, currency, customers and anything else success are forged in the furnace of the circumstances we have not the ones we want. Success is working on the things that you have control over. Focusing on those things will greatly accelerate your success.

Focus and prioritise

The Pareto principle tells us that not all tasks are created equal or reward equally for that matter. Roughly 80% of your output will come from 20% of your input and vice versa. Therefore it is wise to focus on the important tasks, affording more effort where the greater rewards come from. Focusing is about effort where prioritising is about time. Knowing which tasks to do first, which tasks to schedule later, which to delegate or automate and which to avoid altogether will undoubtedly put you on a faster track to success.

One small paragraph about each of these tips is not enough to change your life. My challenge to you is to immerse yourself into learning about each of these ideas until they become part of your life fabric. You will definitely find yourself on a faster track to success.