In 2020 the ZSE became the darling of Zimbabweans who had a little extra available for investing. In 2020 CBZ brought the best returns on the bourse with a whopping 12093.37% over the year in Zimbabwean dollar terms. That is the sort of return anybody would want to get into. This year the ZSE started strong and has attracted a lot of attention as more and more people want to get in on the action. Just over a month into the year, some counters have emerged as early leaders and here are the top 10.  The returns are calculated based on prices on the 5th of February 2021 and are subject to change.

Unifreight 514.25%

If you have been following our ZSE coverage you should remember seeing Unifreight in the Underrated stocks on the ZSE with plenty of upside article. Well, the upside has been unlocked early in the year though it has continued to trade in very low volumes.

Proplastics 177.01%

Proplastics is a supplier of PVC construction material. The counter has made an interesting jump in early 2021. As a recent spin-off from Masimba Holdings (formerly Murray and Roberts), it has been somewhat in the shadows but perhaps it is time to claim for itself.

Truworths 172.07%

The clothing retailer and manufacturer has been on an amazing run to open the year. Perhaps the sentiment is leaning towards the idea of them benefitting from constrained import channels for informal operators who have besieged large retailers in the recent past.

TSL 164.62%

While the tobacco crop harvest for 2021 has recently been threatened by cyclone induced heavy rains the tobacco marketer and agro-industrial company has seen a boost in its rating on the market. Up until recent rainfall patterns, the harvest had looked good.

Delta 107.5%

The beverage king of Zimbabwe has certainly lived up to its potential early in 2021. By many analysts opinion, Delta is not done growing yet as volumes look to strengthen in 2021.

Getbucks 107.20%

Getbucks has been a bit of a disappointment in recent history but they are starting to put their house in order and it is showing in the share price. Difficult to say if the run is justified or if it will continue but there was certainly a lot of room for improvement in the price.

Lafarge 95.83%

LaFarge also featured in the underrated stocks with plenty of upside article and it is revealing its upside early on. As the company reinstalls environmentally compliant production plant we should expect to see its price regain some lost ground.

OK Zim 95.45

One of Zimbabwe’s largest retailer OK is never far from the top 10 performers on the ZSE. It seems to have found new strength in lockdown to just about double money from the start of the year. A good return from a solid stock that also offers a healthy sprinkling of dividend payments.

Axia 91.91%

Axia is benefitting from an odd phenomenon that we noted in the middle of last year brought on by lockdown. Those with secure incomes spent a lot of time in their homes and many were perhaps forced to invest more in their homes. Axia runs TV Sales and home which would definitely benefit from this newfound focus on homes.

Simbisa Brands 88.88%

Simbisa Brands continues to grow from strength to strength. Another industry we identified that would be spurred by the coronavirus and lockdown conditions was ready-made food. Simbisa got the message as they forge on and expand their branch network. The market is certainly confident in their moves.