We have been discussing marketing ideas a lot lately. My most recent article was on content marketing ideas; do check it out. Today I want us to zone in on video marketing. You have to appreciate the importance of video marketing. You will have an idea if you closely follow how social media platforms are now. The incorporation of features like reels and shorts are examples. This shows how video content is such a highly engaging type of content. We must explore some video marketing ideas you can use in Zimbabwe.

Comedy Skits Or Funny Ads

There’s a 2020 article titled, 5 Types of proven viral content. One of the highlights was content that made people laugh. If you are a regular social media user, you will attest to how most video content is of this nature. If you come up with hilarious video content or package it in hilarious ways, it will reach far and wide. There are two approaches to this. One is coming up with video ads that are funny or have a touch of comedy. Then there is the comedy skits side. On this one, you can create the comedy skits yourself. Then the other option is influencer marketing. This is where you advertise your stuff using comedy social media influencers. After all, most influencers primarily produce comedy videos.


This one is a no-brainer. If your marketing efforts are to pay off, you must leverage social proof. You can take a sample of your customers, particularly repeat customers. Then you record videos of them describing their positive customer experiences. Alternatively, you can have the customer video record themselves. Then you can post the videos on your digital platforms. You can also have the customers post them and tag you in their posts. This is a powerful form of video marketing. The videos do not even need to be that long. A short 30-second video can make a lasting impression to lure prospects.

Explainer Or ‘How To’ Videos

Somewhat related to testimonials are explainer videos. A customer can do a video explaining how to use your product(s) or service(s). As a business, you can do this too. Explainer videos are so engaging. This is because prospects or current customers often have questions regarding your offerings. Putting out explainer videos is a sure way to draw people in. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are about unboxing products and explaining their features. I recall an interesting local example. In 2019 we saw the introduction of a stepped tariffs framework by ZESA. When it was introduced, many people could not grasp it.

ZESA had to resort to using a how-to video to explain. The video was a simple, illustrative animation to explain the stepped tariffs. Many people ultimately got what stepped tariffs truly meant. Such videos work, so start exploring them for your business or startup. The explainer video approach is limitless. For instance, you can convert anything into this type of video. Consider the FAQs section of, say, your website. You can convert it into a video instead. You can even put up an introductory on your landing page or as a pinned post on social media. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Live Streams

This is another video marketing strategy you can use. Again the possible approaches are infinite. You can do an interactive live stream where you showcase your products or services. You can also do live streams specifically for doing question and answer sessions. The room for people to tune in, comment, and ask questions in real-time makes it more engaging. There is also room for participants to share the live stream. This broadens your reach, thus increasing the likelihood of lead generation. Just to show you how creative you can get, let me give a local Zimbabwean example.

Infinix Mobile Zimbabwe used to do time-bound live multiple-choice contests. As in, there was a time countdown for each question. It was quite engaging; I used to participate. The witty thing about the questions was that most of them pertained to Infinix products. Thus over time, it made people more in touch with product features. The bottom line is that you can get creative with live streams. Live podcast streams are also another approach. Try this out for your business; you will be amazed at the results.

These are 4 video marketing ideas you can explore in Zimbabwe. I would encourage you to check out the five types of proven viral content articles. It will help you understand what content takes to go viral. The other thing is you must take advantage of short video features on social media platforms.