This is part 2 on laptop buying mistakes you should avoid. Money is not that easy to come by these days. You must by all means avoid mistakes that you can avoid. Sharing these laptop buying mistakes equips you with the knowledge of what to be wary of. It also helps you to not be a novice when it comes to buying laptops. The approach since part 1 has been to use layman’s language for all of you to understand. Here are more laptop buying mistakes to avoid:

Not Being Forward Thinking

What I mean here is not considering your future needs, now. When buying a laptop, or anything for that matter, longevity is a big deal. You need something that can last and still be useful in the future. Think about say, 3 years from now. Consider how rapid things are changing nowadays e.g. technological advancements. Will your laptop still be relevant to the status quo of that time in the future? These are important considerations you must make before making a purchase. Ask the experts about such things so that you make the right purchase.

Getting 2-In-1s (As Laptops)

I know many of you might desire to purchase so-called 2-in-1 laptops. These are essentially ‘laptops’ with detachable keyboards thus making the other part a tablet. This might not apply to all scenarios but these 2-in-1s mostly do not constitute what a laptop really is. That is why if we are objective, it might not be appropriate to call them laptops. This is because they will significantly vary in performance, from actual laptops. Even the display (meant to serve as a tablet) will usually not be as good as an actual tablet. Be careful and not make the mistake of getting 2-in-1s as laptops.

Not Going Through Reviews

The good thing about virtually every laptop model is that there are reviews online. You can go to reputable online shops e.g. Amazon, to check out the reviews. Remember I have several times mentioned social proofs – reviews are an example. Such reviews give objective guidance on how something is so take time to go through them. Service providers can tell you only what you want to hear. Reviews are made up of users’ real-life experiences so they are to be trusted more. There will be recurring mentions in users’ reviews if there are issues of concern. Never purchase a laptop without going through some reviews.

Blinkered Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is good and all but it can lead to bias. You can end up blindly purchasing a laptop because it belongs to a brand you are loyal to. This can also blind you from discovering even better laptops from other brands. This can be hard for many of you but it is wiser at times to look beyond your favourite brand. Take some time to check out other brands and do comparisons. You will be shocked there are way better laptops from brands you have overlooked all along.

Getting Laptops With Glossy Displays

I will admit, a glossy display look so cool, especially when a laptop is not on. When it is on display in an outlet it looks so alluring. Truth is, aesthetically a glossy display looks great but functionally, there are some issues. I appreciate that some of you have no issues with glossy displays. Maybe it can be because you work in environments that do not bring out the inconvenience of glossy displays. Anyways, glossy displays are super-reflective which can be so annoying. Some displays are so glossy that they are almost like mirrors. This can be disruptive and even affect your ability to focus.

Going For High-Resolution Laptops

High resolution is fantastic, I love that. However, not everyone needs a laptop that has high resolution. Getting a high-resolution laptop will entail paying more; they are typically costlier. The other thing is that high-resolution laptops are heavy consumers of batteries. This means using it unplugged will not be for as long as would be convenient. You must consider what your needs are and weigh whether or not it is necessary. Do not make the mistake of getting a high-resolution laptop when you do not need one.

Now you know and it is time to put all of this to practice. The next time you are looking to buy a laptop you have your checklist of mistakes to avoid. You can always ask for technical assistance from sales representatives. The good thing is you will have enough information to not be swayed to make the wrong choice.