Many people are uneasy about starting businesses for countless reasons. One of those reasons is about overhead costs. Just the thought that one will have to contend with a bunch of operating costs scares many. With that said it is not surprising to find people exploring business approaches that are low on operating costs. In this article, I shall be looking at one approach which is selling fruits and vegetables from the boot of your car.

Fruits And Vegetables Industry In Zimbabwe

When looking at agriculture in Zimbabwe, the most dominant segment is vegetable farming. There are also quite many fruits that sell well in Zimbabwe. Some of them are bananas, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apples, mangoes, passion fruit, pears, strawberries, pineapples, avocados, papaya, nuts, guavas, and naartjie.  When it comes to vegetables we are looking at tomatoes, peas, potatoes, onions, beans, carrots, watermelons, green leafy vegetables, peppers, chillies, butternuts, cauliflowers, cucumbers, and mushrooms. The lists I have given here are comprehensive enough; if you are thinking of fruits and vegetables.

Selling From A Car Boot

Choice Of Location

The first focus is location i.e. where you will be selling from. Regarding the location, you should choose a spot that is characterised by high vehicle and human traffic. The spot must be safe for prospective customers to view and buy whatever they need. You would not want a scenario where an accident occurs because of a poor choice of location. Cardinally, make sure you have not picked an illegal spot. There is a temptation to choose spots in the central business district (CBD). However, that can lead to scuffles with local or law enforcement authorities. If it is in the CBD do it at your own risk. Another thing to note is that your spot does not necessarily have to be one. You can have different spots depending on many variables e.g. time of day, seasons, and so on.

Where then is it best to setup? The options are many e.g. at the front of your gate at home, by a busy street corner in your neighbourhood. Entry or exit points to and from central business districts or shopping centres. The principle is to consider the traffic aspect that I mentioned earlier. Options might be limited now given the pandemic but under normal circumstances plenty options are available. For instance, when there is no pandemic you can go park your car at strategic events.


Your setup must take into consideration several things. Your setup must be aesthetic and ergonomic i.e. the look and function. You will be getting many customers and if you do not set up strategically your initial setup will end up haphazard. The other thing is to ensure all that you are selling is in your boot. If you have to arrange your stuff on the ground, that might be inconvenient. I do not recommend that actually – rather use complementary components e.g. tables (foldable ones). Your setup must ensure quickness in setting up or otherwise. Picture a scenario where your spot is exposed to a dusty area. How will you ensure hygiene is maintained? These are some of the issues you must keep in check. All in all, you must have a functional and presentable layout.

Some Tips

On top of the aesthetics and ergonomics, I mentioned earlier some few pointers can help you. One of those is the packaging; when selling your things have plastic bags for packaging. Even better you can sell your fruits and vegetables already packaged. The buyer’s experience should somewhat be similar to buying from a formal supermarket. Do not overwhelm yourself – there is nothing wrong in having someone or some people to help. Remember that you will most probably be located at a spot where you could be the only one doing business. Why am I mentioning this? You must have enough money on you to have changed as and when it is needed.

Selling from car boots is something I have witnessed several times. The other day I was remarking of some people I have seen for while selling naartjies from the boot of their car. They strategically chose to set up close to a junction connecting Harare highway and the Bulawayo highway in Masvingo. They go setup every day towards knock-off hour. I realised many people are missing out on selling fruits and vegetables like this. This model has been around for ages and it works if you play your cards well.