For those with in-demand skills in economies like South Africa, the thought has surely crossed the mind on how to locate job opportunities in South Africa. There are a few ways one can locate jobs. In any case, one would still have to go through the immigration process after finding a job. The immigration process is not very complex. The focus here is on locating jobs in South Africa. You have a few choices on the method and they vary in degree of difficulty.

Job Websites

Let’s start with the easiest. Job websites such as Indeed, Career Junction, Careers24 etc post jobs regularly. LinkedIn is another good example of a place where jobs are posted regularly. These sites allow you to store your cv and details and apply as and when jobs arise. Due to the size of the audience on these sites applying is very easy but it takes a lot to stand out on these platforms. For those who are very active in their careers, a platform like LinkedIn may work a little better because it provides a bit more of a holistic view of your progression and experience.


Recruiters can feel the same as job websites but they are not. Recruiters are people that actively work to find job placements for you. Recruiters will in the best cases help you with compiling your cv and putting you in the best possible light. So while working with a recruiter is not just a matter of posting a CV it is likely to yield better results. Despite what they may tell you recruiters tend to specialise in industries and vocations so it’s important to find a recruiter that is well versed in your area of expertise.


Networking is one of those buzzwords that is kind of getting thrown around a lot but in essence, it is just about connecting with peers. In this case, it’s about connecting with industry peers in the other pond and while not every vocation allows this, many do. There’s research to back it up as most job openings are filled by people who heard about the job from a connection. So get out there and connect with people, the internet has made things so much easier. As my favourite twist on an adage goes “It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that matters”.


This is a bit trickier because the power, in this case, is not in your hands and you are not in control of it. Headhunters are recruiters that work the other way around, they bring employers to you. To be spotted by a head hunter you need to be visible, extremely so. It may sound far fetched that a South African company would go as far as to look for talent in Zimbabwe but I assure you it is happening. The problem is you never know you’re being headhunted until you’re approached. Your best bet is to network and keepsyourself visible.

Internal Transfer

Right, this one might be weird but it works. Many Zimbabweans have transferred from the Zimbabwean office of their company to the South African parent. A lot of Zimbabwean organisations have links to South African organisations and becoming a shining star within the organisation can get you there. In most organisations, you will apply for the transfer and the decision rests with management.

There are different ways to find jobs in South Africa. Which one is the best one to use? All of them of course! Or at least all that are available to you.