The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in what people are referring to as the new normal. Of course, the meaning varies by interpretation from individual to individual. For some, this is not even really a new normal because life has been what it has always been like, even better. Anyways, that does not mean there is no new normal – there is. The new normal has created a status quo where brick and mortar businesses have significantly gone down with online businesses surging. The new normal entails having to figure out how to remain relevant, as a business, to customers who now have limited movement. That is the major premise of what I shall be discussed herein. I shall be discussing business ideas that are relevant in light of this new normal.

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE (Wholesale Or Retail)

Several business approaches can be employed here. You can adopt the simplest business model of sourcing and supply. The range of products spans from face masks, hand sanitizers to fumigants and disinfectants, just to mention a few. Alternatively, you can manufacture PPEs yourself and sell. The most strategic approach is to manufacture branded equipment. That makes you relevant to more financially sound prospective clients such as other businesses and companies.

Most individuals have improvised especially on face masks so not much can be made from there. I have noticed that most service providers are using fake or sub-standard hand sanitizers. That is a market gap that one can seek to cover by providing affordable and genuine hand sanitizers. Make sure you do your market research thoroughly before exploring this business idea. Why? There are so many players in the field already so competition is stiff.

Web Design And Development

Emerging or established business now know that being online is imperative. Locally many businesses are not online or if they are they are docile. Even most institutions are absent from the internet. I recall at some point noticing that most learning institutions in Masvingo Province do not have websites. I noticed it is even worse for businesses. Here we are in a day and age where having a website is now inevitable. All this presents a lucrative business idea of designing and developing websites.

For those with expertise, you can make lots of money, especially at the moment. The number of people looking for web development services has been steadily increasing so ride on that wave. Every other business idea that I am going to discuss herein actually requires one to have a website. That clearly shows the relevance of web design and development services.

Social Media Management

Most entrepreneurs have a basic appreciation of the importance of using social media for business. Sadly though, just a few know how to effectively use social media in running their businesses. To some degree, I do not blame them though because some of the things involved are technical for the layman’s mind. That is why so many business and even institutions would need professional assistance on social media management. The most commonly used platforms locally are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even LinkedIn too. If you comprehensively understand how these platforms work, you can offer social media management services. Bear mind that it is more than just knowing how they work; you also have to understand the dynamics of content marketing and also influencer marketing.

Online Marketplace

Many people are scurrying to find ways of advertising things online. Most of them though do not have the necessary expertise and resources to stand out online. Competition is rife online and being able to effectively market your things online is not easy at all. On the other hand, people are always looking for products and services online. This is something that creates the basis for enterprising people to develop online marketplaces. You can choose to be universal i.e. any product or service but there are already big players doing that e.g. Classifieds. You still can enter that space if you feel you can be more competitive. My recommendation is to niche so that you stand out more. For example, you can set up an online marketplace for those into baking. Once you have such a setup it enables people to simply go online and search for products or services they are looking for. This domain can never be saturated because niching approaches are infinite. The other great thing is that business models that can be adopted here are several.

Online Shop

Earlier we looked at starting an online marketplace – this might not be for everyone. An online shop though is something that every business must-have. Some businesses are of course online and market their products or services there but there is no framework for consumers to buy online. That is the emphasis that should be placed here that consumers should be able to place orders or buy online. It is not as complex as people might think. Web designers and developers are there to properly advise and assist.

Online Learning Services

Then we have online learning services – something that is surging lately. The businesses that can be started herein are several but I will just mention one simple example. Suppose you are a teacher or someone who is an expert in a certain field. You can establish a business where you offer online learning services. Do not think you need very complex software and hardware – though for more advanced approaches you would need that. You can use the common WhatsApp platform to conduct lessons online. I recently attended a month-long Digital Marketing Master Class that was successfully conducted online on WhatsApp. It is possible!

These are some of the business ideas worth considering for the new normal. Instead of whining and complaining give them a shot and see how it goes. There are people right now who are making money online doing simple businesses and using very simple approaches.