Enterprise:  Sam Levy’s Village, Ximex Mall, Macey Stores  

Website: www.samlevysvillage.com

Samuel RahaminSamLevy  (1929–2012)  is considered to be one of the most successful property developers and entrepreneur in Zimbabwe who is famous for the construction of Sam Levy village in Borrowdale in 1990 among many endeavors. Samuel went to Prince Edward High school and at one time was a councilor for Ward 8 in Waterfalls.

It is a universally acknowledged truth that Sam Levy village resembles England in more ways than three and is referred to as “Little England” in some spheres because of its design and architecture which is synonymous with British buildings. The village is a haven of activity which is famous for being a hangout for the elite of the society. It did not have restroom facilities at the beginning and pay toilets were introduced for the convenience of customers.

Sam has often times been described as a hardworking and shrewd businessman and commanded respect from noble individuals. He was the founder of Macey stores in 1960 which was a large supermarket. He had good sight for potential money making zones and did not procrastinate in acquiring “potential pregnant properties” which is evidenced by his purchase of Duly’car property which is now famously known as Ximex Mall.

Levy was a force to reckon in business and a millionaire at the time of his death. He succumbed to cancer on 5 June 2012 leaving behind his wife and four children with Isaac being in charge after the father’s death. Sam was good friends with the late General Solomon Mujuru and they kept a close association with each other. Sam was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Victor Night Awards and recognized by the UN’s EMPRETEC programme as one of the most influential Zimbabwean entrepreneurs since 1980.