Rinos Mautsa is a notable Zimbabwean entrepreneur who was born on the 29th of October in 1984. He is a Christian and loves golfing. He is the Founder and CEO of his business empires called Tech 24 Group and Picco Construction. About 7 years ago he co-founded the Chartered Institute of Customer Management. Today it has a presence in at least 30 countries. His is a globally respected figure in the area of Customer Service Management and Call Centres. Let us look at some of the noteworthy details on Rinos Mautsa.


Rinos Mautsa holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree. He holds Graduate Diploma in Customer Service Management. He holds a Diploma in Digital Media and Branding (CIM-UK). He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from MSU. He is a 2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow.

Early Days

Rinos Mautsa always had an entrepreneurial spirit from early on in his life. He recounts how that back in university at Midlands State University (MSU) he started his first business. He purchased a home theatre system that he used to run a movie business. He approached the hostel warden and requested to use MSU’s projector. He proposed that the university would get a 40 per cent cut from his profits. The idea was that that money would be used to assist underprivileged students.

From the profits he made he started a condiments business. Condiments are products used to enhance the flavour of food such as salt, vinegar and sauces. His core supplier was Lyons and the business grew to a point where he was exporting to Zambia. It is worth mentioning that his entrepreneurial spirit was largely inspired by his mother. He was raised by his mother as a single parent. She was always industrious to put food on the table. She even managed to send him and his other 2 siblings to boarding schools. Rinos Mautsa wanted to help out his mother and as such that enhanced his desire to generate income.

Before getting full time into business he once worked at Telecel, TelOne, and Zuva Petroleum. He served in junior level managerial roles during his time at those companies.

Business Interests

Tech 24 Group

He is the Founder and CEO of Tech 24 Group. This is an integrated technology company operating in Zimbabwe with clients in different African countries. It introduced the first-ever Call Centre enterprise in Zimbabwe. His business focuses also include property development and clean energy. His business interests now span beyond Zimbabwe into other countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, and Zambia.

Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ)

Rinos Mautsa is the Co-Founder and currently the Executive Secretary on the CCAZ board. Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ)’s mission is to be the largest and most sought after credible industry body through providing expert customer service and call centre advice to prospective and existing industry players, individual members, government, and suppliers.

They provide Customer Service and Call Centre Advisory, Consultancy, and Professional Training services. They also provide Customer Satisfaction Surveys and other related research. They do in-house or off-site staff training and development. Plus they do mystery shopping, call centre audits and skills audits. He says they plan to expand their operations into Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Picco Construction

Rinos Mautsa is the founder of Picco Construction. Picco Construction is a civil engineering and construction company providing specialist construction solutions including: land developments, infrastructure development, housing development, pipe services and sanitation projects among others.

Energy Plus International

He started it 7 years ago and it mainly deals with the wholesale of LPG.

Other Board Roles

Proctor And Associates – he is the chairperson.

Chartered Institute of Customer Management – he is the co-founder.

Facelift Construction – he is the chairman.

Zambian Institute of Customer Management – he is a board member.

Zimbabwe Youth Council – he was appointed board member in 2016.

Youth Development Involvements

He is actively involved in some youth-oriented programmes namely:

Global Shapers – World Economic Forum (WEF)

UN Association of Young Professionals – United Nations

Campus Community Foundation – a mentorship programme for graduates that he founded under the Archbishop Tutu Leadership Programme.

Zimbabwe Youth Council


Rinos Mautsa has over the years received many awards, both in and outside Zimbabwe. Some of them are:

2021 Influential Young Leaders Under 40 – Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ)

2020 Top 20 Outstanding Men in Business (Megafest Awards)

2020 Young Corporate Director of the Year – Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe (ICDZ)

2019 Young Leader of the Year – Zimbabwe Institute of Management

2017 Leader of the Future – Crans Montana

2015 Top Young Person of the Year – Junior Chamber International (JCI)

2014 Young Visionary Award for Call Centre Pioneering – from the Indian Government

2012 Young ICT Achiever Award – Ministry of ICT

2011 Industry Champion Award – Global Association of Contact Centres (USA)

One of the key pieces of advice that Rinos Mautsa emphasises is operating in what I would call your zone of genius. Your zone of genius is that area of focus where your passions, interests, and skillset align. In his own words, he says, “…venture into something you have passion and knowledge on…” The other two additional points he emphasises is getting mentored and networking. He also highlights that real capital or real wealth is the human mind, spirit, and imagination. Above all, he says it is our faith in God and the future.