From time to time it is vital that we get to profile certain thought leaders in the various facets of society. There is a widespread tendency where people choose to celebrate or recognize personalities from other countries. Even worse, some personalities get to be recognized once they have passed on. This is an error that ought to be corrected; we need to take heed of key local thought leaders and do so whilst they are still alive. Today I shall be profiling Dr Lance Mambondiani – some of you might have heard of the name.


Dr Lance Mambondiani is a renowned business executive with vast experience in the business and banking sectors. His full birth name is Lance Shingai Mambondiani and was born on the 16th of February 1974. At the present moment, he is the Managing Director of BancABC Zimbabwe. That is a position he assumed from July 2019. If you recall I recently did an article talking about BranchX, Zimbabwe’s first-ever fully digital or virtual bank branch by BancABC.

That speaks to how significant Dr Mambondiani’s involvement with BancABC is. He is a lawyer but his main focus over the years has been the banking sector. His work in the banking sector has been both local and international. Internally he has worked in Europe at quite a number of financial and banking institutions. He is well-respected academic, a director in numerous companies and a recipient of several awards and academic scholarships.

Professional History

Corporate Profile

He started off his local professional career by working at various local banks and financial institutions. He was once Managing Director – Private Banking at Kingdom Financial Holdings Ltd (December 2002 to June 2004). He was also the CEO of TN Asset Management at one point (December 2004 to September 2005). He once worked at NMB Bank where he was a Legal Advisor and Corporate Finance Manager.

He took his local professional journey further by joining Steward Bank in 2013. At the time he was a Business Development and Strategy Executive. Two years later he became Acting CEO and became substantive CEO of Steward Bank in the same year.

Prior he used to work in Europe for quite a while so let us also look at his engagements whilst he was there. He was once the Deputy Managing Director at Coronation Financial in the UK (March 2008 to June 2013). He was also once a Client Services Manager at Barclaycard in the UK. He also carried out secondment roles in Switzerland at UBS, in South Africa at Investec, and in Northern Ireland at Ulster Bank.

Academic Profile

He was a Development Economist for several years leading up to 2013. He was a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire Business School. He was majoring on International Finance for Development. He was also once working with the University of Manchester. He was a Teaching Assistant for MSc classes in Financial Markets and Corporate Governance.

He has also published several papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is also a columnist for several newspapers and gets to speak at various global conferences or platforms.

Educational Background

It is in 2011 when he attained his PhD from the University of Manchester (2007 to 2011). Earlier he had attained his first-class MSc in Development Economics and International Development there at the same university (2005 to 2006). His PhD thesis was on Corporate Governance, Bank Ownership and Profitability. He attained his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1997 from the University of Zimbabwe.

His Significance

Dr Mambondiani’s significance stems from the vast assortment of expertise he wields. He has 9 core areas that he is well experienced in. Those areas are Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Retail Banking Delivery Channels, Private Wealth Management, Corporate Finance, Business Law, Corporate Governance, Development Finance and Economics.

There is an infinite host of areas where he can be very useful. For those in the aforementioned areas here is one man who can provide invaluable mentorship and guidance. He is a perfect pick to invite as a keynote speaker at events or to deliver public lectures. Even for those running businesses, he can be an excellent mentor or advisor.

I am confident you can derive inspiration from this profile and aim higher in your own personal life. For all those looking for solid experts in the business and banking sectors then Dr Lance Mambondiani is well worth your while.