Remittances from the diaspora represent a huge chunk of foreign currency flows into Zimbabwe. The reasons for remittances vary from family support to payment for goods and services. There are several options for remitting money to Zimbabwe from the diaspora and we’ve gone through them to give you an idea of choices in the landscape. Whether you’re looking to remit or receive the list should be useful to you.


Mukuru is a money transfer company that operates in many countries most notably the United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi. They offer convenient service through an online platform, telephone or an agent network which you can find on their website depending on your country. Mukuru has a large collection point network in Zimbabwe which they call orange booths. These can be found in OK, Bon Marche, ZB, POSB, CABS, Stanbic and some Zimpost outlets. For those sending money, Mukuru will charge US$10 to send US$100 with the recipient guaranteed US dollar cash at a pick-up point. You can find them on Facebook.

Western Union

Western Union has a global network of over 500,000 agents in 200 countries making them worldwide. They offer services to senders via online, in-person and app-based experiences. Western Union has a network that includes 95 collection agents in Zimbabwe making them one of the most convenient transfer companies. The receiver is guaranteed US dollars in cash and they charge a competitive US$8 transfer US$100.

Hello Paisa

Hello Paisa operates in 32 countries including Zimbabwe. Their network includes many African and Asian countries. They give senders the option of transacting through their stores, online or via an app. Those receiving can collect through a wide network that includes Choppies, Steward, Metbank, Getbucks, Pick n Pay, CBZ bank and  Banc ABC. Hello Paisa charges the sender US$5 to send US$100.


Moneygram is a truly global player operating in 200 countries with an agent network that has 347,000 agents. In addition to 14 collection points in Zimbabwe MoneyGram also allows recipients to direct the money to the mobile money wallet. This means they are just about nationwide in terms of reach. MoneyGram allows senders to use any one of their many agents worldwide as well as an online option. MoneyGram charges US$10 to send US$100.

World Remit

World Remit is a money transfer platform with a focus on mobile money. It operates in 50 countries across the world and provides a convenient service.  In addition to allowing recipients to receive money in their mobile wallets, World Remit has over 200 collection agents across Zimbabwe. These include banks and retail outlets. World remit provides an easy online based service that you can activate remotely and process payments through bank and credit card. They also have Android and Apple apps. World Remit charges a low US$3.50 to send US$100.


Senditoo is a smaller operator perhaps unknown to many. Started in 2016 Senditoo grew with a mobile top-up service which a person in one country to top up mobile credit for a person in another. Senditoo offers money transfer and now operates in over 50 countries offering transfer services to 39 African countries including Zimbabwe. Senditoo uses the BancABC branch network for cash collection. They charge US$5 to send US$100.

Cassava Ecocash Remit

Cassava Ecocash Remit allows senders from 12 countries notably including China to send money to Zimbabweans who can receive get money as cash or in mobile wallets. It brings a world.of convenience and allows senders to send via an agent, online or mobile. They also include service through the much-maligned Sasai and USSD platform. Cassava Ecocash Remit charges an unbelievable US$1.60 to send US$100.

It’s important to note that all the money transfer services require sender identification, proof of residence and proof of income. The receiver will also require proof of identification at the very least. Those who direct to mobile money will need the appropriate mobile number. The fees are based on a sliding scale and we decided to use a uniform amount of US$100 to compare pricing. By going to their websites (link in the heading of each paragraph) you can get a quote for the specific amount you intend to send.