Email marketing is a big marketing strategy in use globally nowadays – it has been, for several years actually. It is one of the most effective ways guaranteed to realize exceptional returns when it comes to marketing. It is no wonder why the incidence of people’s mailboxes being full of email ads is sky-high. Despite the potency of email marketing, the world over it is still infantile in Zimbabwe – almost non-existent. I am not going to delve into why it is like that though; there are several reasons behind the somewhat non-existent nature of email marketing locally. Rather, I am going to discuss a simple email marketing guide. The truth is, most local businesses do not even know a thing about email marketing.

Purpose Of The Email

There are so many reasons for which you would want to issue out an email. It might be an email serving as a welcome note to newly signed-up customers. It might be an email meant to be a call to action (CTA) for any of many possible reasons. It could just be an informational email laying out some important information you would want your customers to know. The possible purposes or goals of an email are infinite. It is the first and foremost thing to look at. It will inform the other steps you will take in carrying out an email marketing drive.

Email Marketing Service Provider

There are several email marketing service providers out there. The services and packages they provide may differ so you may have to do your homework to see which one suits your needs. Such a service provider is important especially considering that you might be dealing with a long list of intended recipients. Email marketing service providers are pivotal in matters of automation and bulk emailing so as to make things less laborious. So I would encourage you to dig more on this so that you see which service providers would be best for you.

If probably your list of recipients is not that long you can start out by doing things manually. What I mean is composing the emails, keying in the email addresses and all other related processes manually. Over time you can then look into bringing an email marketing service provider onboard. Having one will ultimately be expedient because automation, analytics and other key features are provided by such service providers.

Develop Email Lists

You have to build an email list – that, of course, will depend on the intended purpose of an email. So you find that you can have several email lists for different purposes. There are ways you can use to build an emailing list and I will just highlight 3 of them. The first one is just plain old-fashioned paper lists. For instance, you can collect email addresses of customers and write them down (if they are interested in being emailed at some point). If you have a website (which you should anyway) you can have a dialogue box on-screen or that pops up asking a user to provide their email address if interested. One of the most commonly used ones is to offer something free to anyone who visits your website. For example, it could be a survey report, an e-book – basically anything useful. A user will then be asked to provide their email so that the freebie is emailed to them. That way you automatically build an email list. As a rule of thumb, it is advised that you only ask for a few details (name and email address preferably).  People tend to be heavily opposed to being asked to provide too many details about themselves.

Email Content

Earlier I talked about an email marketing service provider. They tend to have template designs that one can use in composing emails. However, even if you are not using such as service provider you can still look up various template designs online. Some of the key things to pay attention to when composing an email are having a catchy email subject line, being clear and concise, and including correct and full contact details. Your email content must also be composed using convincing and engaging prose. To ensure this you must address 3 fundamental things namely, your offer, what customers stand to get out of it and a call to action (CTA).

Send Out And Evaluate

Once all is in order you then send out the email. After that is done you now focus on evaluating the results of the campaign so as to draw insights from it. You will be looking at things like the number of emails delivered, the number of emails opened, click-through rates (especially when you included links in the email) and responses amongst several other metrics.

You might want to start seriously considering email marketing today. Most people religiously check their emails every day and are most likely to take them seriously. That is why you must give email marketing a shot because you might be stunned to realize how effective it can be. The awesome thing about email marketing is that you can always run several different campaigns whilst drawing insights each time. Resultantly you will end up knowing just what exactly you must do to enhance your results in subsequent campaigns.