We checked for the prices and availability of basic commodities in 3 supermarkets in Harare CBD. These shops were OK Mbuya Nehanda, Food World Mbuya Nehanda and TM Harare Street.  

Groceries Price

ItemQuantityOK SupermarketFood World SupermarketTM Supermarket
Sugar2 KGN/A$3.95$3.69
Cooking Oil2 LitresN/AN/A$4.69
Powdered Milk (Probands)500g$8.19$8.65N/A
Full Cream Milk (Chimombe)1 Litre$2.89$2.96$3
Self Raising Flour2 KGN/AN/AN/A
Rice (Probands)2 KG$6.2$6.71$5.19 (Mega Brand)
Spaghetti (Star)400g$1.9$1.72N/A
Orange Crush2 LitresN/AN/AN/A
Boom Washing Powder500gN/A$2.85$2.29
Bar of Soap1 barN/A$6.5$4.59
Peanut Butter375ml$3.6$3.79$3.59
Bread1 loaf$1.4N/A$1.45
Mealie meal Super Refined (Pearlenta)10 KG$9.2$8.30 (Ngwerewere)$9.39
Eggs (Crate)1 Crate (30 eggs)$9.29$9.94N/A

We checked for the price of meat from 1 Butchery- Bellevue butchery

Meat Prices

ItemQuantityBelevuve Butchery
Beef (Economy)1 KG$10.50
Chicken (Mixed Portions)1 KG$5.99

We checked for fuel from 3 service stations (Total, Glow Petroleum and ZUVA). They all had fuel and there were no long queues. 

Fuel Prices

FuelQuantityTotalGlow PetroleumZuva
Petrol1 Litre$1.39$1.39$1.39
Diesel1 Litre$1.35$1.34$1.35

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Crate of Eggs


Boom Washing Powder 500g


2 KG Rice



Powdered Milk 500g


Peanut Butter 375ml


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