A little while ago we published an article with a list of digital marketing tools for small businesses and business people. It contained resources that gave some free access and would help up the social media and digital marketing game of users. This time around we will add 6 more digital marketing tools for small business people that will boost your digital game. As always we are looking at resources that offer at least some free version access.

Link service

Link services are cool tools that act as directories of all your links but in one convenient place. Online footprints are incredibly difficult to manage. You could be fortunate and score the same handle (@name) on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook but not all platforms have the same format. I mean you LinkedIn! And that’s just on social media. We have websites, portfolios and a whole lot more to consider. A linking service will put all your relevant links in one place. Popular ones include Linktree, Mylink and my choice About.me which also applies email signatures on any email provider.

Answer the public

Answer the public is a service that ‘listens’ to autocomplete results in online searches and gives you insights about what people are searching for it. You have seen when you type into the search bar for your search engine suggestions come up that are related to keywords in your text. This is autocompleted data and it is moulded to the questions that people are asking around the keywords. They are also tailored to your location. Answer the public and collects these for chosen keywords.


This is a funny one but it’s effective or at the very least creative. Portent generates blog titles based on you entering a keyword. This is one for the business or subject matter blogger who is looking for ideas on what to write about. Some of the outcomes are comical but I found many good ones in there as I was trying out the service. It’s both free and easy to use so give it a shot.

Google trends

Want to know what people are searching Google for when it comes to your area? Google trends have all the information you need dating back as far as 2004. That’s right you can look back as far as 2004 to see how popular certain words have been in search and what words are used frequently about those words. Trends is completely free to use. Great for content creation and spotting business opportunities based on search activity of people in yours or other countries.

Think with Google

Think with Google is a free resource that gives digital marketers, creators and business owners access to expert insights, trends, research and more from all over the world on various topics. It can help you find insights about your product or industry and as you’ve guessed by now it’s free to use. You just need a Google account to sign in. This is useful if you need to pull up stats and facts on something or research trends based on people’s online activity. Say you sell kitchen items and want to know which products to supply, think Google could tell you that people in Zimbabwe are frequently searching for an air fryer alternative.

Pinterest predicts

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using Pinterest you would agree that it is a window into the trends across the world in fashion, design, food and many other topics. Well, Pinterest predicts is a service that looks at what is coming up in trends. The logic is simple but it is incredibly effective. It turns out people are using Pinterest to search for and plan future purchases and Pinterest predicts is collecting insights to predict the trends of the near future.

Add these great digital marketing tools to your arsenal and watch your digital marketing game improve. Some of them may seem like they don’t bring much to the table but you’ll be amazed just how useful they become once you get used to having them in your life.