If for any reason you’ve across advice from modern gurus they will advise you to learn a high-income skill and then put it to use. Usually, it happens to be something they are in the fortunate position of being able to teach you at a price. The concept of high-income skills is real, of course. There are skills that you learn that have the potential to open up income flood gates for you. In most, if not all cases it’s because they give you the opportunities to work for someone, work for yourself, make money teaching them and money writing about them all in one. That’s a pretty good deal. They are also skills you can add to your existing skill set. Below are 7 that you should seriously consider.


Regular readers of our articles will not be surprised that I put this one first on the list. Besides having spent many years working in sales roles I rate sales highly because nothing connects you more to the essence of any business or organisation. When you understand selling you see the big picture and it doesn’t matter which role you are in. The whole point of business is selling to customers so if you entertain any hopes of breaking out on your own this is one skill that you will be happy to have under your built.

Project Management

As the world has become more accepting of working on a project basis, project management techniques have become highly rewarding. I have used project management techniques to improve processes in several businesses I’ve worked in. Project management is a cross-cutting skill because it looks at matters of leadership, management, resource allocation, finances, scheduling and communication. A high-income skill if I ever saw one.

Web design

Right now there’s a big conversation around web 3.0 technology like virtual worlds. It may seem a little crazy and hard to fathom but some of the technology we enjoy as basic today was unfathomable 30 years ago. In the process of moving to web 3.0 more of the world is going online and websites are one of the primary gateways for this. This skill will grow with time and is one you really ought to get into as soon as possible. In places like Zimbabwe, we are still in the early phases and will see it grow in importance. High income with a big future.


That online world relies on copy. Yes, we have video and audio and the world wide web is largely text-based and will remain so in some capacity. Copywriting skills are high-income skills and they cut across various industries and functions. Copywriting is important in sales, advertising, communication, content generation and more. In addition to being a high-income skill, you can pair it with existing skills to make the most of it.


All this going online is facilitated by coders and programmers making everything digital. So there’s a whole lot of room in the programming and coding space. The goal for online life has been to replicate offline life as much as possible and these are the people that make that happen. There are various languages to learn and new applications popping up all the time. Programming is essential to where life is heading and in the words of Wayne Gretzky “the goal is to be where the puck is going, not where it is”. That makes programming a high-income skill for now and the future.

Data analysis

Another area where programming is playing a big part is data analytics. This practice of the geeks has found its way into industry big time thanks to the online world where everything is becoming connected and every click and byte of data can be used to improve processes and offers. Data analytics is a huge field that is growing in importance. This skill is already high income but we have not even seen its Zenith yet.

Digital Marketing

It may look like things market themself online but they do not. People are working behind the scenes called digital marketers who are making all this happen. And it’s not as easy as it seems either. It’s taking traditional marketing and pumping it with steroids while receiving more and faster feedback and reducing the margin for error. So yes, the difficulty adds to digital marketing being a high-income skill. It also has significant and growing demand as more of the world moves online to find customers. This is one to grow with.

High-income skills tend to be completely or at least semi-transferrable to other settings. So learning a high-income skill is never a bad investment.